Video Game Challenge (Special Edition): Dragon Age – Inquisition

We’re inching ever so closely to the end of 2014 and the video game challenges I’ve set up for myself at the start of this year has been an interesting project to take on. I can’t say the project has been 100% simple, and you’ll get a full end of the year report about my own thoughts during the entire time I stuck with the game challenges, but I can say it has been worth the effort I put into it. Because November is a special month for Dragon Age fans, I have been alluding in previous posts, for quite some time now, how the rest of the year for my video game challenges will look like. Get ready because the Inquisition has arrived and taken over simpleek!


Ever since Dragon Age: Inquisition’s release date has been confirmed for Fall 2014, I already knew the game will inevitably derail my video game challenges. Who wants to play other games when DAI is out? When you’re a super fan of the Dragon Age series, certainly not this girl. I’ve been waiting for more Dragon Age since Dragon Age 2 and that’s not something I’m going to set aside to play another game in my backlog. There be wars to put an end to, dragons to slay, and romance in the air. YAR! Can you tell how incredibly geeky and silly I’ve become? It’s a side effect of the anticipation I feel for November 18 to get here already.

The challenges will be set up in the same way I’ve done them in the past year so far. You’ll get end of the month progress reports for Inquisition, but it’ll probably be more like a game log of my playthrough so far. I haven’t figured out if I want to make the reports more like my progress with certain quests or main storyline missions just yet. I’ll have a better idea once I actually start playing the game. I may even do an occasional weekly log for Inquisition ahead of my end of the month reports.

The video game challenges will continue in this layout until I actually beat the game, which will probably take some time. A ton of articles I’ve read kept detailing how a full completion of this game will take about 100+ hours of game time. It’s already being touted as the longest and most expansive installment of the series. Not that I’m complaining. More Dragon Age is good in my book. If I’m too busy enjoying the story and the characters, I doubt I’ll notice the amount of time I’ll have to put into getting to the end of the game.

Current life circumstances (aka a working professional life) makes it extremely hard to marathon this game all the way through like I used to. I remember beating Origins and DA2 within a month. Origins is a much longer game than DA2 and being a former part-time employee once upon a time, I had two days off during the week. Perfect for getting in more Dragon Age time. Now that I’m working full time and dealing with the usual personal business during my off time, it’ll take every ounce of determination and creativity to fit in 20 minutes to an hour of play time. When there’s a will, there’s a way!

I hope you’ll join me on this journey to “lead them or fall” for the rest of 2014. Maybe even into 2015. Who knows? Check back again with me at the end of the month and let’s compare notes, fellow Dragon Age fans.

8 thoughts on “Video Game Challenge (Special Edition): Dragon Age – Inquisition

  1. So excited!!! I can’t wait to see what you think of the game and how you end up playing it. I’m currently trying to race through the last half of Dragon Age 2 in time for next week so I can get my backstory just right… =)

    We should definitely compare notes afterwards!

    1. I’m so hyped right now! I want next week to get here already so I can pick up my copy at GameStop. Soon! I’m definitely going to be interested to hear how everyone plans on approaching their playthroughs too. It’ll be interesting for sure. You should blog about your experience too! 🙂

  2. Good luck! The game sounds massive from what I’ve read and I’m really happy it’s getting great reviews.

    Looking forward to diving in next week but like you, my schedule is limited so I look forward to completing this game fully sometime next summer haha

    1. Thanks! Yeah, I’m both excited and a little intimidated that the game is going to be so massive. I am glad the game seems to be getting high marks so far from what I’ve seen. Looks like Bioware got it right this time.

  3. I look forward to reading your posts on the game. I’m very excited myself and will love to read how you progress through the game, how your choices will shape your experience and how it may differ from mine. Unluckily, as I live in Europe, I’ll have to wait until the 20th 😦

    1. Thanks! I’m really looking forward to diving into this game and it taking up a good chunk of my gaming time until I’m fully satisfied with having seen or done just about everything I can do. The only thing I’ll wish I’ll be able to do is play it again a second time. My run with the game will certainly be a one time playthrough. Time is the enemy. 😦

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