Another Year Older: simpleek Turns Three!

November 1, 2011 is the exact date when I officially started the blog you know as simpleek! The first post I published on that date isn’t anything special. Like any newbie blogger, I wanted to introduce myself and describe what I intended to write. I didn’t have any readers or any traffic for my blog at the time. Now that it’s 2014 and the month of November, I have approximately over 69,000 hits for my blog and 929 followers at the time of this post. I’ve come a long way! The blog has turned three years old and I couldn’t be happier.

The official birthday for my blog has already past as I write this special post, but that’s okay. This doesn’t mean I can’t still celebrate and talk about it. Three years may not seem like a lot of time, but it’s a huge deal when you’re still going at it. Blogging in and of itself isn’t easy to continue, as most serious bloggers will know, much less having a consistent schedule and content to post every week.

The biggest challenges a blogger has are coming up with new content to post and making time to post articles on the days you have specified. Many of us may not be making money off of our blogs, though it’d be a dream come true if we could, but we know the importance of readership and wanting to have our audience and followers constantly coming back for more. A dead blog or a blog with an erratic posting schedule is a sure fire way to lose your readers and slow down your traffic.

The last three years have seen my own personal life change in many ways, and keeping this blog running has its own set of challenges. Time and inspiration has been my biggest foes, but somehow I manage to overcome them each and every week to bring new content for readers to read every Monday night. There are times when I feel like I want to slack off or take a long break from blogging, but then I remember why I keep blogging in the first place.

I have a passion and commitment to write what I want to say and to share my words with the world. I have probably said this enough times already, but it has been my one goal from the start when I decided to blog back in 2011. The friends I have made and the support I have gotten through my blog has been very valuable to me. If it wasn’t for this innate need to write again and have a creative outlet during the time I was working at my old job, I never would have made the friends or met the people I have so far.

The connections and interactions are part of the reasons why I do my very best to keep simpleek running. I don’t know what the next year or two will bring for the blog, but I do hope I’ll get to celebrate another birthday for it. Special thanks goes out to all my readers, followers, and friends who have been a big part of the success for my blog. I’m looking forward to bringing you all more entertaining content to read. Let’s make it to year four!

Luna is giddy with joy that the blog has made it to a third year! Thank you, everyone!
Luna is giddy with joy that the blog has made it to a third year! Thank you, everyone!

13 thoughts on “Another Year Older: simpleek Turns Three!

    1. Aww, thanks! 🙂 I feel the same way about your blog too! It’s amazing how something so simple as blogging can bring together so many people you wouldn’t get to meet otherwise, right? Here’s to more blogging for sure!

      1. Indeed! I’m truly happy that I have come across such a plethora of talented bloggers like you and the others we both follow. It’s been such an awesome experience, one which I never expected would occur.

  1. Aren’t blog birthdays just the best? Blogging is such an awesome way to not only meet people, as you said, but also to maintain a record of personal growth and achievement. Keeping up with the commitment to blog regularly is tough at times, but something makes us all pull through despite pressures from the outside world. Happy third anniversary! 🙂

    1. Thanks, Cary! 😀 Sometimes when I don’t feel motivated to write anything at all or feel like I want to quit, I remember all my readers and friends (like you) who enjoy reading my content and the interactions I have through this medium. It’d make me sad if I quit and I have no way of talking to people in this way at all. It also keeps me writing, which is what I enjoy doing. So here’s to many more blog birthdays!

  2. Congrats on three years, that’s great!

    I definitely know what you mean about a blogging schedule and life in general. It’s been tricky at times to not only make time for it, but to figure out what I want to write about. It’s something I really enjoy though and I’ve met more people through it than I ever figured so it’s all been worth it.

    1. Thanks! It really is worth it in the end, isn’t it? We may struggle with the responsibility we feel to our readers to keep writing interesting content, but as long as you still enjoy doing it and it doesn’t feel like a chore, then why stop?

    1. Thank you! You’re one of my fondest and earlier fans of simpleek, so I can’t ever forget that. 🙂 I also wouldn’t have been reading your blog if you hadn’t found me first. I’m hoping your blog goes out of hiatus soon because I do miss it so. 😉

  3. Three years is most definitely a long time for blogging! We came up about the same time, so I’m especially happy to see that you’re still going at it. Congratulations! 🙂

    1. Thanks! A lot certainly has changed in three years, but I’m glad to be pushing myself to keep it going. It’s also a comfort to know that blogs you’ve been following in the early years are still going strong. I hope your blog keeps going strong as well! 🙂

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