October Video Game Challenge Progress Report: Phoenix Wright – Trials & Tribulations (Redux Game Edition)

It’s Halloween week and somehow October has blown right past us. It has for me at least. A lot has been going on this month. Among the things that would be keeping me busy are my video game challenges. Why else would I do them in the first place? It’s time for another progress report to close out the month. This month’s challenge is a redux edition, except I’d say this challenge has been more trick than treat.


As everyone might already be aware of, this month’s video game challenge redux edition is Phoenix Wright: Trials and Tribulations. Once upon a time, I was able to marathon these games like nothing. Because the cases are broken up into chapters, many of the Phoenix Wright games play out like an episodic anime. The games are filled with edge of your seat courtroom drama and it has a ton of colorful characters, from the witnesses to even the attorneys themselves. So what happened? Life happened.

Yeah, I know it’s not really an excuse but this is what we call adulthood. I can tell you all right now, I have barely touched a video game. Okay, maybe Animal Crossing: New Leaf, but that hardly counts as hardcore gaming. My other friends who love the game make requests of me to either visit my town to give me stuff for my town or want me to check on turnip prices for them. If you have no clue what I’m talking about, don’t worry, it’s not important. Other than that, I haven’t gotten in much gaming time at all this month.

I’ve been swamped between family bonding time to celebrating a deluge of birthdays in one whole month. On the rare times I do get to stay at home, I hardly felt motivated to switch on the Nintendo DS Lite to play a little Phoenix Wright. All I felt like doing at that moment was to lay on my bed and watch movies or catch up on the week’s TV shows when I didn’t have time to watch on the day they aired.

At the beginning of the month, I did manage to play a little bit of the new chapter I started on for Trials and Tribulations. I believe it’s Chapter 3 and it involves a case where a fake Phoenix Wright poses as our real, favorite Ace Attorney and gets a poor, (eccentric) innocent young woman sent to jail for murder. It’s up to the real Phoenix Wright to expose his imposter and reopen the case to nab the real murderer.

The case doesn’t disappoint so far and the latest strange witness/potential suspect is in the form of a flamboyant French chef who runs a French cafe with bad tasting food, plenty of frills, and a whole lot of…pink. I enjoyed what little time I had with it. I only wish I had more time to devote to playing and finishing Trials and Tribulations this month.

Unfortunately, this is my second time failing to finish this game in the amount of time I have given myself and the first time I have failed a redux edition. I’m actually wincing right now and I’m thoroughly disappointed in myself. I’ll get it next time?

November would be the time to set up a new video game challenge, but it’ll be all about Dragon Age: Inquisition! I did say before that the look of my challenge will shift quite a bit to accommodate my fangirl obsession and to keep my singular focus on DAI. The latest Dragon Age game is set to be the longest fantasy RPG to play, especially if you plan on doing the side missions. I’ll tailor my progress report in November and beyond (or until I finish the game) to reflect my sheer concentration and devotion to Dragon Age. Prepare for the fan freak out next month!

3 thoughts on “October Video Game Challenge Progress Report: Phoenix Wright – Trials & Tribulations (Redux Game Edition)

  1. The wait was long and frustrating, but DA:I is finally almost here! Been looking forward to this ever since finishing DA2!

    On an unrelated note, it’s interesting how much more appealing watching TV is vs playing games after having to put in a full day every day isn’t it?

    1. I know! I’m so excited! 🙂 Just a few more weeks to wait and we can all play this game. So much hype.

      I think watching TV is more appealing than playing games after a long day because you can just sit or lay down and do nothing. All you have to do is escape into the plot and characters. Playing games require the use of fingers and concentration, which may not be something you want if you’ve had enough activity for the day.

      1. Makes sense. Free time used to be synonymous with game time, but now there’s much more to fit that definition…adult life is odd sometimes…

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