Video Game Challenge For October: Game Redux

A brand new month brings forth a new video game challenge. Well, seeing as it’s October, it also means Halloween is around the corner but we’re not talking about that at all. October does bring me one step closer to Dragon Age: Inquisition! It’s coming in November, people. So EXCITED!

I’ve given a lot of thought on how to approach this month’s challenge. Do I start a new game again or go back to a game I failed to finish the first time I took the challenge? Considering the look and shape of my video game challenges will change once Dragon Age is out next month, I decided to go back to basics and do another game redux.


The video game with the honor of being in the redux edition is Phoenix Wright: Trials and Tribulations. Going back over the ones I failed to complete the first time wasn’t too hard. I’ve only done one redux edition so far and managed to successfully complete it in that instance. This left me with choosing between Phoenix Wright or Final Fantasy IV. I easily chose Phoenix Wright.

Why Phoenix Wright? This game seems to have less of a chance to stress me out over Final Fantasy IV. I still have monsters and boss fights to go through in FFIV. The slog through the moon caves where a random monster can attack you at any given moment doesn’t help at all either. Phoenix Wright involves clue searching and deductive reasoning. Which do you think I’ll have an easier time breezing through?

There is a possibility I may be setting myself up for failure in this redux edition. The month of October has become unexpectedly busy for me with social engagements taking up almost every single free weekend I should have to play the video game. I’m determined to do my best in making sure I don’t fail this video game challenge again, but life happens and people get busy.

Keep your fingers crossed on my venture with this. Progress report will be coming out toward the end of the month along with details about what will happen in the remaining few months left of 2014 with my challenges. Hint: It’ll be Dragon Age themed. Until next time!

2 thoughts on “Video Game Challenge For October: Game Redux

    1. Yeah, FFIV is fun from a combat perspective, but Phoenix Wright is just as fun from a story and solving a case type of aspect. It’s also much more relaxing in the end too.

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