Shoes Obsessed? Try Boots Obsessed!

One of the best things about living in New York City is we have four seasons. We New Yorkers get to experience a change in temperature and the beauty (or misery) each season brings. When autumn comes around again, one of the things I’m most excited about, other than apple or pumpkin flavored things, is breaking out a good pair of boots. And in my case, I may love boots a little too much.

There’s a surprising amount of versatility and comfort with boots when you buy the right pair. You can buy a classic, solid pair of brown or black leather boots and have absolutely no trouble wearing them with a casual or dressed up style. You can even combine both and make casual wear look more dressy with the right top and boots. What you have is an instant look for a night out at the bar for happy hour drinks with your coworkers! It’s that easy.

My personal style has always been more on the dressier side with a taste for simple and classic looks that can be worn year-round and doesn’t ever go out of style. When it comes to fashion, fads and trends come and go. Classic pieces remain your loyal go-to item for those seasons when you may not be jumping for joy over the latest trends in fashion. I know I don’t always follow the trends.

jeans_brownbootsBeing a New Yorker and a lover of walking in general, I want my feet to look good and be comfortable at the same time. I personally find boots to be the best shoes for me. Not sandals, where most of the time I’m not big on exposing my feet. Not your high heeled shoes because they can be agonizing on the feet. Not sneakers, which I’ve never been a fan of but own a few pairs out of necessity for workouts or rough terrain situations. Not even flats, but they come as a close second for me when it comes to shoes I prefer wearing. Nope, my shoe love and obsession are boots.

Long boots, short boots, the boots in between––you name it. I probably have at least one pair in many different styles and colors (as in brown, black, and maybe an olive green). I’d wear boots all the time, even in the summer if I could! That’s how far my love of boots goes.

I wasn’t aware of my boots obsession until a conversation with my mom had her pointing out that I have so many boots to wear, including a few brand new ones I bought online during the off season because they were cheap and leather. If I had more closet space in my room, I’m about 99% certain my boots would take up most of the space, leaving my other shoes quite closetless.flatboots

Sometimes you never really realize how much you love something until you find yourself standing in a sea of shoe boxes filled with boots thinking, “Maybe I better lay off on buying more boots.” Easier said than done, dear rational mind.

What’s your shoe obsession?

4 thoughts on “Shoes Obsessed? Try Boots Obsessed!

  1. I was never really into boots until I moved to Seattle, where it seems to be THE shoe to wear almost year round. Riding boots are almost an epidemic 😛 I love to wear my riding boots with black tights and a cute dress or tunic. You should post a pic of your boot collection sometime!

    1. That’s really interesting about Seattle. One of my favorite pair of boots are riding boots, mainly because they look so nice with a pair of jeans!

      I actually would have posted a pic of my boots collection…if they were actually better organized in my room. Some are either inside or outside of shoe boxes. That’s how bad my collection goes, no order whatsoever! 😛

  2. I think my main shoe obsession will forever be flats (they are just too cute and versatile), but in the past couple years I’ve gotten more and more into wearing short boots, especially in the fall and winter. I have a couple pairs of long boots, but sometime they make my legs too warm when I’m on my feet all day. Ankle boots are comfortable and are perfect with just about everything – dress pants, jeans, even skirts with tights!

    1. I do like flats, but I’ve had some issues with them. I either buy a pair that’s really pretty and comfy for walking all day long, or I wear one that makes me and my feet cry because they’re so uncomfortable. Even after you’ve worn them enough times to be broken in! I haven’t encountered that with boots much.

      I do love ankle boots too! They really do go with any look you feel like wearing for the day and it’s a nice alternative to long boots for those days when you don’t need an extra layer for your legs. 🙂

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