Video Game Challenge For September: Game Number Six Revealed

The month of September conjures up thoughts of back to school for kids, autumn turning leaves a lovely shade of red, orange, or gold, and all things pumpkin flavored making a comeback at your local coffee houses. What the new month means for me is another video game challenge to tackle.


Being back from a fun vacation and just about resettling myself back into the old routine called my life, I debated over whether I should start a brand new game or look to the other games I failed to complete in past challenges. I opted for a new game, which makes September’s pick Injustice: Gods Among Us.

Before I left for my vacation last month, I decided to play a little bit of the game to get a feel for it. Knowing it’s a fighting game, well, it’s both fun and difficult for me at the same time. I’ve played Mortal Kombat, Street Fighter, and Marvel vs. Capcom before and there’s something very satisfying about pummeling your opponent or using special powers to gain the upper hand in a fight. I also feel my competitive streak comes to the surface when I play these games, which is really rare because I hardly have this need to win when I play games and a few sports with other people.

Fighting games are actually great for relieving stress and frustration when you’re dealing with real world problems in your own life. The only issue I have with fighting games is that I have no technique whatsoever. I’m the player who has no patience learning a character’s moves properly and just dives right into a fight by mashing buttons. It works fine when you’re playing against a CPU, but not so much when you’re playing against friends or family who actually know what they’re doing.

The challenge will be focused on playing through the story mode of the game. Injustice starts off in an alternate universe where Superman gets manipulated by the Joker into murdering his family and destroying Metropolis. Overcome with grief and rage, Superman kills the Joker as revenge and it sets off a chain of events where Superman becomes this all powerful villain who rules over the world with a harsh and dictatorial iron fist. It’s up to Batman and a number of other characters from the DC universe to stop Superman. I’m three chapters into the game already and I can safely say that this game is interesting. I also like the idea of seeing the usually goody-two shoes Superman fall from grace to become a pretty frightening villain when anyone opposes his brand of justice.

The number of characters at your disposal in the story mode of the game allows the player to play each chapter from the perspective of a different character and it gives you an introduction into the characters themselves and what their special moves, powers, and combos are. Obviously, I’m button mashing my way through this game so I’ll most likely be missing out on a lot of these characters’ special attacks. Or I discover them on accident and I can’t figure out how to duplicate them again when I’m fighting against someone else. Whatever works for a player, right?

Wish me luck this month and as always, find my progress report for the game at the end of this month. Happy September, readers!

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