Binge Watching TV Shows? Ain’t No One Got Time For That!

As a kid, I always loved watching TV and there was always a show I wanted to watch. Being a kid born in the ’80s and having grown up towards the end of that decade and into the ’90s, I stand by my firm belief that the best television shows have come out around those times. At least when it comes to the sitcom format. I’d religiously watch each and every episode of Full House, Family Matters, Fresh Prince of Bel Air, Friends, Boy Meets World, and the list stretches quite endlessly. These days, I barely watch much TV anymore. Part of it has to do with being too busy a lot of the time and the other half of it being there isn’t a ton of shows I’m willing to invest my spare time on. And in those rare times where there are shows actually worth watching, being able to binge watch anything is easier said than done.

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