Flower Child: Flower Crowns As A Fashion Hair Piece

When it comes to getting ready and going out for the day, I’m the type of person who prefers to put her hair up all the time. I never really like leaving my hair loose unless it’s being styled for special occasions. Putting my hair up always gives me the opportunity to do something fun and different with it. Being a fan of flower accessories, as I have mentioned in an older post about them, it’s a pretty touch to brighten up an otherwise mundane hairstyle. Toss in a flower crown as an upgrade to the flower accessory for your hair and you usher in a new fashion statement for your hairstyle.

A recent New York Times article discusses the growing trend and demand for flower crowns. Women have the choice of either wearing a handcrafted artificial one or going more natural with real fresh blooms. Neither option is particularly cheap from what I’ve read in the article. For those looking to stand out from the crowd, while channeling their inner flower child, the flower crown may just be what you’re looking for.

Actress Jennifer Lawrence looking beautiful in a flower crown.
Actress Jennifer Lawrence looking beautiful in a flower crown.

I remember seeing photos of celebrities and models wearing flower crowns as part of their style. It’s definitely an interesting and cute look for your hair, but as practical every day street wear? I doubt it. Personally, flower crowns look like it should be worn at a wedding, or it gives off the impression of being an adult flower girl at a wedding. The New York Times article may suggest there’s a way to incorporate flower crowns into your personal day style without looking too much like a flower girl or an oddly grown woman trying to recapture her youth by wearing them, but I really can’t see how anyone can make this work if you’re on your way to meet up with friends for Sunday brunch.

I haven’t seen this look catch on here in New York City and I’m pretty sure it’ll be even rarer to find outside of my own state. I’ve seen women wear single flower accessories in their hair like I do, maybe even flower headbands, but never the full blown flower crowns that’s supposed to be the current “it” trend right now. Celebrities, models, and even socialites can get away with wearing them, but regular girls like me probably can’t. I love how ethereal and romantic wearing a flower crown looks, but to wear it as an every day type of thing is ridiculous and it’s too much of an attention grabber I don’t really want out in public anyway.flowercrown_model

The flower crown look may invoke images of being a free spirit frolicking in a field of wild flowers or give you a feeling of getting back in touch with Mother Earth by wearing one, but it’s not practical to wear for regular outings. I’ve always been a back to basics kind of girl and I much rather stick to the simple single flower accessory adornment for my hair than wear a wreath of flowers in my hair. I’ll leave the flower crown look for a costume party if I ever plan on going as a hula dancer from Hawaii. Better yet, I’ll wear one on my wedding day.

What’s your opinion on the flower crown trend? Do you see yourself wearing one or is it best left as a special occasion type of thing?

2 thoughts on “Flower Child: Flower Crowns As A Fashion Hair Piece

  1. Those are pretty! I have to say, they would remind me of you, because I know you do love flowers. I’m with you, though — I would probably save them for a costume party or very, very special occasion where they would be appropriate.

    You’re right that just a single flower in the hair can be the perfect touch!

    1. Pretty much when it comes to flowers, so many of my friends and family always think of me! I love them too much. 😉 I really do love the added romance and beauty a flower crown does for the hair, but it’s way too hard to pull off on a regular basis. The fact that I don’t see it catching on here in the city either already indicates that it’s probably too bold or too much of a fashion statement most regular women don’t want to make or commit to.

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