Mellow Yellow: Summer’s It Color

The official start of summer has kicked off this past weekend and with it comes long days and plenty of sunshine. People are walking around showing a little more skin and the drab colors of winter are replaced with warmer and brighter ones. Among the popular colors I’ve been noticing both men and women sporting (at least on the streets of New York City) is the color yellow.

Get a mood boost by wearing yellow this summer.
Get a mood boost by wearing yellow this summer.

Dresses, shirts, pants, and even shoes are brightening everyone’s summer style wardrobe. From shades that inspire the gentle rays of the sun to a bright lemon yellow, there’s something really attractive about the color. I believe the brighter the color you wear, the better it affects your overall mood for the day.

Yellow is a happy, feel good color. Whenever I see someone on the train or streets wear the color yellow, it makes me think of the sun or sunflowers. I feel like my mood is somehow lifted and I can’t help but smile a little when I see the color. Because there are varying shades of yellow you can try on for size, there’s bound to be one to suit your own personal style.

Even men can make yellow look good.
Even men can make yellow look good.

I personally love a softer shade of yellow. Wearing a yellow blouse with a skirt kind of gives me an extra bounce in my step, while keeping me cool on those hot summer days. Time to let those dull blacks and grays rest until the next winter season. It’s yellow’s turn to shine this summer––pun intended. It’s also great to see men embrace the color with the shirts they wear. Yellow seems to be one of those colors that doesn’t manage to look too girly or feminine if most men aren’t comfortable making an often associated girly color, like pink, work into their regular style. It’s a color both genders can wear very well.

Whether you’re barbecuing in your backyard or sipping a drink at a rooftop bar, make a statement with yellow. We can all use a little sunshine in our summer fashion choices this season.

4 thoughts on “Mellow Yellow: Summer’s It Color

  1. I’m actually a really convert to the colour yellow! As I’ve mentioned before, my colour scheme is usually black, grey, white and blue – so not the most cheerful in the world. But I recently bought a yellow jumper (and it’s not even neon) that I love and have noticed exactly what you said – that it really does lift your spirits. So I’ve actually kind of fallen in love with it! And I think in different shades the colour really does suit everyone.

    1. That’s great! 🙂 I’m really liking the color yellow myself. I really love how it’s such a bright color without it feeling like it’s too flashy, unless you go for the more neon shade of yellow, which isn’t my cup of tea. 😛 I do think if you want to chase away those weekday blahs, then wear yellow!

  2. I agree with you that a soft shade of yellow is my favorite! Actually, when I saw this post on your Twitter feed, I was like, “I’m wearing a yellow shirt RIGHT NOW!” =)

    Yellow does seem to be in style this season, and I’m loving it too. You’re right that it’s a very cheerful color, and everybody can find a shade that they can pull off. It’s been my sister’s favorite color for a long time, so I used to want to leave all the yellow clothes for her when we go shopping… but lately I’ve been picking up all kinds of yellow clothes. Yellow is for everyone!

    1. Yellow is really a pretty and gender neutral color I think. I did wear yellow last week and I was surprised by how much my mood was totally lifted and upbeat for the whole day. It proves my theory on how color does affect your mood in some way. 🙂

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