Video Game Challenge For June: Game Redux

It was stated in my last post that I’ll be doing something a little different with June’s video game pick. After failing two challenges in a row, something had to be done. I’m not a quitter by nature and I refuse to accept failure. With that being said, I’m bringing back one of the games I failed to finish.


I’m going back to the console once again and I’ll be dedicating my time to finish this game challenge right by playing Saints Row 2. Between this game and Final Fantasy IV, I thought it might be easier to go back to the first game I failed to finish. My attempts at trying to finish FFIV is still a fresh sting on my mind and I don’t really have the motivation to deal with going back through the map again and get attacked by random monsters along the way. I also have a strange urge to shoot stuff up, so I don’t know what that tells you about me. Pent up anger/frustration I need to let out? Possibly. Or it could be blood lust in general. Who can say for sure!

No guarantees I’ll finish this game successfully, but I’m much more motivated to try harder. I also doubt life will get too much in my way to make time playing Saints Row 2 incredibly impossible. I’m half-way there and I just need to focus. When you’re so close to the finish line, you don’t really want to quit on yourself now.

Wish me luck, readers! I’m hoping my end of the month progress report will be glowing with success and triumph.

4 thoughts on “Video Game Challenge For June: Game Redux

  1. Good luck, you can beat it! Interestingly, the game I’m picking up next is Final Fantasy IV for the PSP. I’m challenging myself to beat all the main series games in the Final Fantasy and Dragon Quest series and FFIV is next!

    1. Thank you! And good luck to you in beating all the main series games for Final Fantasy. I always believe when you’re determined to see something through to the end, then you’ll succeed.

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