May Video Game Challenge Progress Report: Final Fantasy IV

Determination, motivation, and effort will almost always propel you forward to finish any task at hand. Even plain stubbornness and a no quit attitude might be enough. I, however, discovered that even if you do set a rather simple goal for yourself, there will be times when you can’t predict the obstacles in your path no matter how prepared you think you are. As the Memorial Day weekend winds down, the month is also close to an end and it’s time to report my progress for this month’s game challenge.

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Denim Matching: A Fashion Don’t?

Denim has been a style trend I’ve seen crop up in department stores much more frequently than in previous seasons. From the never out of style classic denim jacket to button down denim shirts. It’s a simple, clean, and all-American look anyone can wear, but is it possible to make yourself a fashion victim by wearing the look wrong? Is matching denim with denim really as bad as some fashion critics say it is?

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X-Men Days Of Future Past: My Experience Attending A Huge Red Carpet Premiere

Red carpet premieres for big budget movies always look exciting on TV. The fan energy, glamor, and the gorgeous celebrities walking along the carpet to do interviews with the press and interact with the fans always seemed like it would be a fun experience to witness live. Thanks to my long-time childhood best friend, she discovered and scored free passes to one of these fancy red carpet movie premieres. The premiere we attended was for this summer’s next highly anticipated comic book movie to be released––X-Men: Days of Future Past.

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Video Game Challenge For May: Game Number Three Revealed

Going on vacation and just taking a break from my regular life is usually what I need to come back tackling anything with a renewed passion and tenacity. Finding time or making time to play video games is something I enjoy ever since I became a gamer and I decided to do this one year challenge. March may have been shot and April left no room to do any real gaming whatsoever, but I’m optimistic that May will be different.

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