simpleek Guest Hosts On The Incoductic Podcast!

If you ever wanted to hear the voice behind this blog talk about geeky things, now is your chance! I stopped by the Incoductic podcast run by fellow Geek Force Network member Joshua Evo, who also runs the awesome blog Disk Read Error. It’s my first time guest hosting on a podcast and I hope you find the episode to be an enjoyable listening experience. Or at least, you all can tolerate my nervous and excited rambling on this episode. Methinks I need to stick to writing. Hmm…

Give the episode a listen and please be sure to follow Joshua’s blog and subscribe to his podcast on iTunes. At least if my first attempt at guest hosting leaves you running for the hills, I promise you that his older episodes before this one is WAY more entertaining and exciting. And Joshua has the voice for radio. What more do you need?

Special thanks to Joshua for having me on his podcast! Listen to Episode 26: Simpleek Stunning right here.


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