Fashion Trend Musings: Crop Tops

When fashion and styles are mostly cyclical, you start to see certain items from a particular decade make a comeback. Having grown up during the ’90s, a lot of fashion trends from that time period has been reemerging, which I haven’t worn since I was a teenager in high school. Among the popular trends to see a revival are the crop tops.

A great summer look with a fun floral skirt.
A great summer look with a fun floral skirt.

Crop tops are a sexier option to wear with jeans or a skirt when you want to show some skin without being too revealing. It has a flirty peek-a-boo affect when the midriff is exposed. The style of the crop tops vary, but the looks can either be glam or super casual to long enough to show a tiny strip of skin or higher cut to show a whole lot more.

The crop tops are one of those fashion trends that can be considered a hit or miss with some people. As a teenager during the ’90s, I owned maybe two or three of these tops. During the few times I wore them with jeans, I hardly felt sexy or flirty in them. I felt horribly awkward in them. The midriff is probably not the worst thing a girl can bare out in public, but I was a girl whose body type was average. I didn’t have rock hard abs as a teen. Any flab I had in the midriff area, I largely had to suck in my stomach to give the illusion of having a flatter upper torso than I really had.

The crop top is a shirt where you’ll have to be extremely comfortable with your body and baring any or all parts of your stomach and back. If you largely feel self-conscious about not having a super flat or toned stomach, you may want to steer clear of this trend altogether. I tried it on for size when it was the fashion of the ’90s and the few tops I did have were left largely at the bottom of my drawers.forever21_croptop2 Clearly, not a look for me at the time.

How do I feel about crop tops now that they’re back in fashion? I’m not entirely sure. I do think it’s a cute look when you find the right top to pair it with a skirt or jeans, but I haven’t been in a store recently to browse for crop tops I want to try in a fitting room. It’s anyone’s guess if my self-conscious self from my teenager days, regarding this look, has still stuck with my now adult self. Maybe I may not feel as awkward trying this look again, now that I’m actively working out and have since toned the flab that used to make me cringe as a kid. Time will tell.

Do you love or hate the crop top trend? How have you worn the look?

12 thoughts on “Fashion Trend Musings: Crop Tops

  1. I think it’s more important to dress for your body and figure than to follow a set trend. I think crop tops look great on my slimmer pear shaped friends, but as an hourglass, I don’t like the way a lot of crop tops ‘drape’ on my body. I’m much more comfortable wearing a cinched waist and a fuller bottom. But that’s just me. 🙂

    1. I agree. Just because something is in fashion or in style doesn’t mean you need to go out and wear it yourself. Not every popular trend will look good or feel comfortable for everyone. It’s all a matter of personal preference and what makes you feel good when you wear something. 😉

      1. Whiiich is why I will nEVER wear one. I’m on the chunkier side and I know that would not be cute. Personally, I don’t mind the crop-top trend but I hate when it extends to the stretchy-material club tops. Those are just trashy as hell.

      2. For some weird reason, your last comment before this one isn’t approving when I click the little button. WordPress is being annoying. Still, I read it in my notifications bar and it’s awesome that you’re a feminine lady on the outside but full on geek/nerd on the inside! Love it! 🙂

        I was never a fan of the club tops either. Actually, I always hated tube tops in general. Somehow, most tube tops never looked classy to me. The crop tops are fine because they can either be long sleeved, short sleeved, sleeveless, etc. There’s always a style that would suit anyone who liked wearing them.

  2. It looks so cute in photos of models, and I’ve seen a few women pull it off in real life, too. But for most people (me included), it’s just not flattering. I would never buy one myself. Even if I were super toned, I’d feel a little uncomfortable!

    On a side note, it’s awesome to follow your kickboxing adventures! It is kickboxing you’re doing?

    1. Yeah, the models make the look really great in the photos! It’s when you try it on yourself, it may not have the same effect. 😛 I’d probably try it on if I were to go clothes shopping again to see if my attitude toward the crop top has changed. Still, it isn’t a must-have trend for me either.

      And yes, I’m taking kickboxing! 🙂 It’s a lot of fun and it certainly has whipped my body into shape like it never has before.

  3. I can admire this look in other women, but just can’t jump on the wagon myself being as I just don’t have enough self confidence in my fitness. I’m average, without the abs I would prefer to have if wearing such a shirt.

    1. That’s why I think this look is a hit or miss for some women. If you’re not comfortable showing off any part of your waist or tummy, then you’ll just walk around feeling extremely awkward and self-conscious. Wearing clothes of any kind shouldn’t make you feel that way.

    1. Yeah, I remember you do! You’ve mentioned it many times on your blog before. 🙂 I’m glad the crop top trend works for you. You’re a pretty girl with a great body. If you’re confident in yourself to wear them, then more power to you!

  4. It’s crazy that crop tops are, once again, coming back in style! They were never for me. Looking at the pictures above, it’s kind of funny that the “midriff” I remember from high school has lowered quite a bit. Used to be that wearing a crop top meant showing off the area surrounding your ribcage. Now many of them show off of the abs (and lower, if you dare!). A cute look for those who can pull it off.

    1. It’s crazy when these trends come back, right? It also makes me feel really old when I remember how big this was when I was growing up in the ’90s. Dear God!

      I think with any old trend that comes back again, you tend to see a slightly different interpretation on the trend, compared to what we remember of it back then. Either way, it’s the same old crop top. It either works for you or it doesn’t. Kudos to the women who can make this look cute on them.

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