March Video Game Challenge Progress Report: Saints Row 2

We have challenges for a reason. We set a goal that seems impossible to meet and then do our best to complete it in the allotted amount of time, hoping we will emerge victorious. February’s video game challenge has been a massive success, but sometimes great starts doesn’t always mean the momentum will continue. We stumble, and I can honestly say March has been a stumbling block for me.

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I Will Punish You: Why I’m Excited About The New Sailor Moon Anime

Just last week an image and some minor details about the upcoming reboot of the Sailor Moon anime has been released. According to Anime News Network, Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Crystal will debut in Japan sometime in July and will be available to stream worldwide through the Niconico website. Toei Animation, the same studio that did the first anime series, is behind the new anime. It has been emphasized by producer Atsutoshi Umezawa that this anime is not a remake of the first one, but a completely brand new series that will closely follow Naoko Takeuchi’s original manga series.

It may seem strange to get a whole new reboot of Sailor Moon after all these years, but when it was first announced back in 2012 that Sailor Moon will be getting a revival and it’ll closely adapt the manga series, as it should have been originally, I was ecstatic by the news.

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Game Review: Kingdoms of Amalur – Reckoning

The best kind of RPGs are the ones that have the right balance of good storytelling and gameplay. Personally, if the story is really good and the gameplay is mediocre at best, I can actually forgive the less than stellar game system. If the story isn’t so great, but the combat system is amazing, then it’s a lot harder for me to be engaged with what’s going on. This best describes my experience with playing Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning.

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Video Game Challenge For March: Game Number Two Revealed

A new month brings about a new video game to continue my one game a month challenge. The success of last month’s video game selection has me feeling confident that I can tackle the next game on my list. Picking the next one is a hard process to think about with so many games waiting for their turn in the spotlight, but it has to be done in order to keep me really focused on getting to the end of a game.

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