Fashion Trends: Floral Prints Are Hot For Spring

Many of us, especially if you live on the east coast, are dreaming of spring. We want mild temperatures, abundant amounts of sunshine, and to see trees and flowers in bloom. Department stores tend to be way ahead of the season––tossing out all the winter gear and making way for the spring clothes. Prints are still looking hot this spring, which makes me really excited to know that among those popular prints are floral prints!

Pairing a solid top with a floral print skirt makes the skirt more eye catching.
Pairing a solid top with a floral print skirt makes the skirt more eye catching.

When you think of spring, you think of flowers. Or at least I do. What’s the best way to celebrate the coming of spring you can channel into your wardrobe? Toss on a floral print piece! Floral prints are ultra-feminine, pretty, and flirty. I like to consider it a traditional girly girl’s go-to item of the season. As a self-proclaimed super feminine gal, the floral print trend is right up my alley.

I love anything representing the beauty of nature. The only way I feel like I can have a piece of that is by wearing anything with a floral print. Skirts, dresses, and blouses can turn just about any look into pure romance. Spring is the right season to have a sense of dreamy playfulness. There’s something about spring that makes me ten times happier than any other season. Maybe it’s the promise of a new beginning or a sense of renewal after hibernating from winter’s icy chill. No matter how you look at it, spring invites you to come out and play.

Prints are especially good for mixing pieces up. Personally, if I wear any sort of floral print or pattern, I don’t match it with what I’m wearing. I’ve read a few fashion articles that say never match prints or patterns together. Those looks tend to be really busy and overly done. I agree with that assessment. You don’t want to stick out in the crowd by having a floral print shirt matching with a floral print skinny jeans, for instance. You pick a floral print blouse and wear it with a solid color pair of jeans. That way, the focus of your outfit will be solely on the top and not everything else.

Give your floral dress an edge by wearing a biker jacket.
Give your floral dress an edge by wearing a biker jacket.

A look I really like is wearing a floral print dress with a denim jacket or biker jacket. It gives the feminine look a touch of casual or edginess. I like playing around with styles sometimes to convey a certain feel or tone I have for that day. My style is feminine, but I like to give off a vibe of fun and playfulness with what I wear.

Give floral prints a try this spring if you want a touch of beauty and romance in your wardrobe. You can frolic in a field of flowers, while wearing a floral dress as you do.

2 thoughts on “Fashion Trends: Floral Prints Are Hot For Spring

  1. When I first read this post, that quote from the movie/book The Devil Wears Prada popped into my head, about how not revolutionary spring and florals was :p

    To be honest, I tend to veer far away from overly feminine looks, unless, like you way, they’re paired with a tougher or a bohemian look. I absolutely adore leather coats and lace outfits, so floral makes a lot of sense.

    1. I don’t remember that quote from the movie! 😛 I do like floral prints in small doses though. I tend to like them more for skirts and dresses than on pants and blouses. I do love the idea of pairing a floral print dress with a biker jacket and combat boots. Super edgy and feminine! 🙂

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