Hana Doki Kira Kickstarter Project: Help Meet Their Goal For The Month Of November

When it comes to shojo you think of super girly artwork, sweeping romances, and hunky shojo leading men worth drooling over. Shojo is also considered to be a sub-genre of anime and manga that largely targets a female audience. When deciding if I’ll purchase a manga title for my own reading pleasure, I personally find the artwork to capture my attention first before checking the back of the cover to see if the story will ultimately persuade me to purchase it. If you love everything shojo and are in love with the artwork that comes out of this sub-genre, you may want to consider supporting the Kickstarter project of Hana Doki Kira.

What is Hana Doki Kira? As their Kickstarter page states, it “is a collection of comics and drawings from a fantastic group of artists all inspired by Shōjo – a sub-genre of comics that for many of us were among the first illustrated stories we fell in love with.” The project is led by The Year 85 Group which consists of six friends who are united in their passion for art. The book is an anthology of beautiful original artwork featuring over 20 different artists who love shojo and have created their own interpretation of the sub-genre for this collection.

A sample of just some of the original artwork to be found in Hana Doki Kira.
A sample of just some of the original artwork to be found in Hana Doki Kira.

To reach their goal to make this book a reality, Hana Doki Kira must raise a total of $9,500 by Saturday, November 30, 11:00pm EST. As of the date of this post, their Kickstarter project has already made $9,227 in total. Depending on how much you want to spend in funding this project, there are different levels of pledges you can donate. For example, as little as $5 will get you a PDF copy of the book along with a thank you from the artists at the back of the book. The greater you contribute to the project, the greater the rewards will be for their backers and fans.

All the money they receive for their project will be used to compensate all the artists who have contributed to the book. After the ladies of The Year 85 Group achieve their goal to print this book, they also hope to eventually donate the books to libraries, anime clubs, and girls clubs. This is an amazing project which will support the hard work and dedication of these talented artists and hopefully nurture and inspire future artists who are lucky enough to have this collection of original art in their possession.

For further details about Hana Doki Kira and to help back their project, visit their Kickstarter page, check them out on Tumblr, and like them on Facebook. Good luck to the ladies of The Year 85 Group!

hana doki kira header

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