You Don’t Have To Play A Horror Video Game To Feel A Rush Of Dread Wash Over You

The folks over at United We Game have decided to do a Simul-tober month where the contributors for the site guest blog on each participating person’s personal blog to write about horror and video games. Halloween is in the month of October, so what better way to celebrate than trade stories about what scares them in games or which horror video games they have played and liked the best. I, unfortunately, am not participating in Simul-tober month at UWG, but I have been reading my fellow bloggers’ own take on the horror genre. Be sure to read them too if you want to get into the spirit of Halloween. One particular post that got me thinking about scares and video games was The Duck of Indeed’s guest post over on CheeeseToastieandVideoGames’ blog.

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Be A Man: Why The Typical Gender Definitions Doesn’t Apply In Ouran High School Host Club

Bisco Hatori’s manga series Ouran High School Host Club is a different type of shojo title in how it appeals to not just a female audience, but to a male audience as well. Most series under the shojo genre tends to put a great emphasis on the romance or love triangle between the main heroine/hero and their chosen love interest(s). As Ouran’s focus isn’t on just the obvious canon couple of Haruhi Fujioka and Tamaki Suoh, the series tends to pay more attention to the friendships between Haruhi and the Host Club, as well as the crazy, slapstick humor this series has an abundance of. It’s the kind of series that has a little bit of everything for everyone. What’s particularly great about reading this series is how the usual gender definitions doesn’t apply.

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New York Comic Con 2013 In Review

New York Comic Con came and went this past weekend and it has been a blast as always. The more times I keep going to this convention, the more I feel as if this convention is getting more crowded every year. As much as I barely want to tolerate the congested streets of New York City on a regular basis, I’m willing to put up with the crowds at NYCC. There’s always lots to see and do at the convention, and I’m going to detail the biggest highlights of my convention weekend with photos!

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Five Things All Convention Goers Must Know Before Attending One

I’m back from vacation feeling refreshed and ready to bring you more content on my blog. It just so happens that this weekend is New York Comic Con and I’ll be attending it once again! I’ve been going to NYCC for the last three or four years maybe? I would consider myself a seasoned convention goer by now. Well, I do need to expand my convention attendance beyond NYCC, but I’ll get there. Conventions like NYCC, no matter where you go, is literally the social event of the year for all geeks all over the world. It’s considered geek mecca. It’s our sacred place, our oasis, our––well, you get the idea.

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