Sailing, Takes Me Away To Where I’ve Always Heard It Could Be: simpleek On Hiatus

What does this old Christopher Cross song have to do with my hiatus? Aside from showing my age by referencing this song, plenty! This is my cute way of saying my blog will be going on a little hiatus for the rest of September.

I’m going on a lovely Mediterranean cruise in Europe and it’s a long overdue vacation I haven’t had in a while. It’ll be nice to be away from my job and to take a small break from blogging. This also means my weekly posting duties on Tuesday nights at Geek Force Network will be a bit quiet too until I return.  Don’t worry though. I’ll be back the first week of October, but you may not see any new posts until the second week of that month at least. Maybe. Hey, I’m going to be tired and jet lag when I come back. I’m dedicated to blogging, but not that dedicated.

October will also be an exciting month not just for myself, but for the blog as well. I’ll be attending New York Comic Con that month and I’m going to try to cover all the things I do at the con from the panels I attend to all the amazing cosplayers and showroom stuff I encounter. It’ll be geekiness galore come October. Keep an eye out for that because you won’t want to miss it. Also, be sure to head over to Geek Force Network later today to get my last post on the site before I sail away.

See you all next month!

We Are A Family: WordPress Family Award

Let it be known that 2013 has been a big year for blog awards on simpleek. There’s just so many amazing bloggers who are just too kind and really very talented. The always awesome and lovable Cary of Recollections of Play has awarded me with the WordPress Family Award.

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Video Games Are Supposed To Be Fun…Right?

Video games have always been considered escapist entertainment. You select the game of your choice, fire up the console, and you’re on your way to exploring that mysterious island or fighting against the undead in a zombie apocalypse. The beauty of having so many games to choose from is you can jump from world to world and become a new character each time. Games can be played either solo or with a friend or family member. The point is video games are fun. Or are they?

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Liebster Blog Award: One Year Later

I am quite shocked that my blog seems to be getting nominated quite heavily this year alone. The duo over at Comparative Geeks were kind enough to list me as one of their choices to give this award to. You might be wondering why the title of my post has the “one year later” part tacked on. Well, it’s because I was already nominated for this award back when my blog was new and fledgling.

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