Interview: Chris and Jane of Zombie Gnomes

This week’s post is a little different from what I have usually done on my blog, but it’s a welcome one and it gives me an opportunity to exercise those journalism muscles I haven’t used since my college days. Meet Chris and Jane of, creators of the Zombie Gnomes. They take your average garden variety gnome and give it the zombie treatment. Their product has been featured on Geek and Sundry, Cnet, and The Huffington Post to name a few. Chris and Jane were kind enough to take time out from crafting these oddly cute and horrific gnomes to talk about how Zombie Gnomes came to be as well as discuss their weapon of choice in a zombie apocalypse…among other things. Visit their website if you’re interested in purchasing any of the items pictured here, like them on Facebook, and follow them on Twitter.

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The Casual Anime Fan: How My Anime Viewing Habits Changed Over The Years

Anyone who has been following my blog for a while will know I count Sailor Moon as one of my favorite animes (and manga) of all time. It set me off on a path to becoming a major anime fan. I just about consumed everything I could get my hands on. Usually if a series had an anime, it most likely was based off of a manga. Animes that were twenty-four episodes or longer, I managed to finish within a week or two weeks. The Japanese animation style and the stories kept me eager to watch a marathon of episodes after homework and studying was done, or when the weekend rolled around. These days, I can barely finish two episodes in a week.

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Game On: Mass Effect 3 MP (Part 1)

Check out my guest spot for a Game On I did with the guys of At the Buzzer! See how well we did against the Collectors as we play a match of Mass Effect 3 MP. As an added bonus, you’ll finally hear the voice of yours truly. When you’re done watching this video, be sure to check out the rest of their Game Ons. Better yet, visit their website and stay a while. There’s plenty for you to read, watch, and listen to. I guarantee it.

Objection Network


This hacking attempt is turning into an abomination! Thank you, I’ll be here all week. Tip your waitress.

Shaun, Jason and (eventually) Tech Guy take on enemies from across the galaxy in the multiplayer mode of Mass Effect 3, with a special guest: simpleek! Can our intrepid heroes survive and reach the extraction point?

Have a game you want to see us suffer through play next? Let us know in the comments or by sending us an email. Now that this is a series, we’ve created its own page, which you can see here. It’ll list all the games we’ve done so far and what might be coming next.

It’s time to battle your way to the LZ. Game on.

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