Long Days And Warm Nights – The High Waist Skirt Trend

Summer is here and all those warm days and nights make you long for beaches, ice cream, and destination getaways. With the heat comes people spending more time outside, eating at cute sidewalk cafes as they people watch, or a chance to flash a little more skin to keep yourself cooled off during those record high temperatures. A trend this summer for the ladies are the high waist skirts. Want to look cute and not have the clothes you wear stick to your skin? This trend is your answer and it’s one of my favorite ones to wear this summer.

A high waist skirt that looks great with a belt
A high waist skirt that looks great with a belt, like this one from Forever 21

The high waist skirt comes with a lot of different names––A-line skirt, flared skirt, or skater skirt. Whatever you call it, this skirt trend is flattering for all women. It hides a not-so-flattering muffin top and it creates the illusion of a slimmer waist. The high waist skirt is easy to put together in a hurry. All that’s needed is a nice top for a casual lunch with friends or a more button downed look for the office. The skirt goes well with a pair of flats or a beautiful pair of wedges, if you’re looking to add some extra height to elongate your legs. For short girls like me, a little bit of height goes a long way when you want to feel like a supermodel as you walk down the street. These skirts tend to be feminine, flirty, and it shows off your smooth and sexy legs. It’s a win win situation for the women who don’t wish to wear pants during those sweltering days, and for the guys who can’t get enough of a woman’s lovely legs.

A dressier high waist skirt from Express
A dressier high waist skirt from Express

Personally, I have bought and worn a few of these skirts already. The skirts come in many different colors, prints, and sizes. There’s a skirt to suit any lovely lady’s personal style. New York City has experienced some pretty brutal heat waves lately and I love how lightweight and airy they feel when I wear them. Any chance I can dress up and still stay cool whenever I go out is a huge plus for me. I also enjoy basking in the feeling of looking and feeling pretty.

I’ll admit, I get pretty giddy and girlish when I wear the high waist flare skirts. The material swishes and sways with each step you take, and it brings back the little girl in me who adored twirling in a skirt or dress. Just be careful of walking over sidewalk air vents, or be aware of a sudden gust of wind. Unless you plan on pulling a Marilyn Monroe…you may want to make sure your skirt doesn’t fly up as you walk.

Are there any ladies out there who love this trend like I do? How have you worn the look?

11 thoughts on “Long Days And Warm Nights – The High Waist Skirt Trend

  1. I’ve been wearing such skirts for a a long time… even my shorts are also high waisted, like Mom shorts, haha… but I’ve known it’s the trend now, from 2 years ago yet, I even have a picture of me wearing high waist shorts.

    1. I haven’t tried the high waist shorts trend, but for some reason, I’m not too big on wearing shorts in the summer. Unless I go to the beach. I tend to stick to wearing jeans, dresses, or skirts in the summer.

  2. Haha I do worry about gusts of wind when I’m wearing these types of skirts! But I love them and high-waisted shorts as well. I’m so glad they’re coming back into fashion, because I think they’re much more flattering than all the low-rise styles of past years. I’d rather show off more leg and less tummy. =)

    1. I definitely agree with you there! I don’t like showing off the tummy much, which is why I’m in love with these skirts. I also have nice legs, so I’m perfectly happy showing those off. 😀 It’s also a great look for all body types in general and no one has to avoid it if someone wishes to partake in the latest fashion trends.

  3. I just recently started wearing these types of skirts for the office, pairing them with blouses and button-downs–they’re so cute and sexy! I see a lot of women wearing them here in Seattle, including the more casual version paired with a belly-bearing top. They also look great paired with a wide belt as a sort of transition between the top and bottom.

    1. This skirt is a very versatile piece of clothing. There’s so much you can do with it. All you need is the right top and accessories to go with it.

  4. Yay!!! More ideas to stay cool and look good! I think I have maybe one skirt like this and I love it. No idea why I don’t wear them more. I guess I just find shorts more convenient in general since sometimes I sit like a… let’s just say I don’t maintain the most ladylike poses all the time. 😛 Reading this really makes me want to go and buy a swishy dress immediately! I already said I would before and I’m determined to make it happen. 😀

    1. Haha! Well, you certainly need to sit more ladylike if you plan on wearing this skirt or any skirt/dress in general! 😛

      These types of skirts are cute and good for a more casual style if you don’t want to look particularly dressed up. Definitely try it out and send me a photo of you rocking the style out! 😉

  5. I love skirts but only pencil, high wasted and tigh-ish skirts look good on me! I really want to wear girly flare skirts but somehow they make my bottom half look way too big!!

    1. That’s interesting. I’ve seen so many girls of all shapes and sizes wear the high waisted flare skirts and they seem to be good for all body types. I know how you feel though. If something doesn’t look good on you, don’t wear it.

      I’m a big fan of pencil skirts too. It looks really smart and sophisticated. Looks great for the office too!

      1. Its just because my hips (ass) is more curvier than my tiny waist! So looks quite disproporiate (at least to me). 🙂

        Yeah! I love office-y clothes ! Nice article

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