MeruPuri’s Airi & Aram – Making Romance Creepy And Uncomfortable

It’s tough to find shojo manga that feels fresh and less predictable, like most media these days. I read a ton of shojo because I like the romance and art better than most shonen manga. I’m not saying there aren’t any good shonen manga out there, but shojo is what I’m more likely to buy.

One of my favorite mangakas is Matsuri Hino of Vampire Knight fame. I love her artwork and the Vampire Knight series, though it has been quite some time since I’ve continued reading it. Any of her work that has made its way to being translated for North American readers, I just about bought. This includes another series she did before Vampire Knight called MeruPuriMarchen Prince.

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Long Days And Warm Nights – The High Waist Skirt Trend

Summer is here and all those warm days and nights make you long for beaches, ice cream, and destination getaways. With the heat comes people spending more time outside, eating at cute sidewalk cafes as they people watch, or a chance to flash a little more skin to keep yourself cooled off during those record high temperatures. A trend this summer for the ladies are the high waist skirts. Want to look cute and not have the clothes you wear stick to your skin? This trend is your answer and it’s one of my favorite ones to wear this summer.

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The Walking Dead’s Lee And Clementine – Testing A Player’s Definition Of Morality

Over the years, video games have proven to gamers the world over its ability to tell good stories. All that’s needed are good writers, strong direction, and a great cast of voice actors. As someone who used to be considered a non-gamer, I discovered what I have been looking for in games––story and characters I want to dive into as readily as I do with reading books or watching movies, but with the interactivity to engage with the characters and participate in the story.

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Do The Shuffle – simpleek Through Her Music

A few months ago I decided to add an About The Girl page to my blog as a way for people to get to know more about me through my interests. You may have noticed I didn’t really list what artists and songs I generally call my favorite in the music portion of my page. As I have mentioned on the page, I don’t really have a particular favorite. I tend to add songs to my iTunes and iPod library based on what I find to be aurally pleasing to my ears. To me, almost all songs on my iPod are songs I like. My music taste is so varied it’s really hard to pin me down to one specific genre of music.

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New Post At United We Game – Some Games Are Better On Co-op

This week United We Game has a collective community post theme going on right now, where all participating writers for UWG discuss their thoughts or experiences with co-op play. I have decided to participate in the community post discussion, and you can read it right now on UWG. Be sure to check out all the other community posts currently published.

UWG (2)

The Girl Got Spunk – Tsukushi Makino Of Hana Yori Dango

Plenty of anime/manga blogs have probably discussed Hana Yori Dango (Boys Over Flowers) or Tsukushi Makino quite a bit already. Tsukushi is one of the few characters in anime and manga who isn’t your typical dainty and demure shojo heroine. In fact, she tries to be the type of girl who keeps her mouth shut and doesn’t do anything to rock the boat at the beginning of the manga when she starts attending Eitoku Academy. Tsukushi is interested in keeping her head down and blending into the background. She just wants to get through high school without any trouble or hiccups. As we all know, life is never that simple.

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