An Accidental Listener – How Podcasts Became A Daily Part Of My Life

My daily morning and evening commutes rely heavily on carrying my iPod and listening to music. I find it hard to start or end my day without listening to my favorite albums or tracks. I like tapping my foot to the beat or kind of singing along to the song in my head. Hey, I’m not crazy to start belting out a song in public, as if I suddenly became part of a Broadway musical.

Music is usually the only thing I listen to. I don’t particularly want to listen to podcasts during my commutes, mainly because the talk radio style is something I only listen to when I need to hear what the weather is or the top news stories of the day. My stance on not adding podcasts to my iPod library eventually changed when I stumbled upon one in particular back in January.

The site At The Buzzer has a podcast celebrating its 100th episode this Thursday. The podcast is hosted by Chris Etling, David Robinson, and Shaun El-Ters. In a lot of ways they are the reason I have started listening to podcasts again, and this post is special because of their 100th episode mark.

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