Movie Review – Warm Bodies

Zombies are everywhere. They have invaded our TV screens with the popularity of The Walking Dead, books like The Zombie Survival Guide, video games like Left For Dead, and with movies like Warm Bodies. When you think of zombies, you think of decaying corpses with their dead eyes and an insatiable lust for brains. How is it possible to make a zombie desirable to a flesh and blood girl who is still alive? Warm Bodies somehow crafts this unlikely love story, which is both sweet and likeable.

Warm_Bodies_Theatrical_PosterBased on the novel by Isaac Marion, Warm Bodies stars Nicholas Hoult as the zombie R who isn’t like all the other zombies traipsing the earth in a post-apocalyptic world. R is a conflicted, thinking zombie who feels there’s more to life than just eating brains. He knows something is missing and there’s a deep sense of loneliness that keeps plaguing his daily undead life. R collects a ton of objects he finds from the outside world and brings it back to his humble abode which is an old, decrepit airplane. He enjoys music and listens to a number of vinyl records he has collected over time.

The entire zombie community is concentrated in a rundown, abandoned airport where everyone just slowly shuffles around and moans and groans all day long. R’s only friend in that community is M (played by Rob Corddry), but admits what little communication is conveyed between him and his friend in grunts, R has a desire to do more with his existence than fulfill a base urge to feed.

R’s lonely life is changed after he encounters Julie (played by Teresa Palmer) during a zombie mob, where R and his friends come out to find fresh food. When R first lays eyes on Julie he feels a strong connection to her and an urge to protect her than feast on her. R takes Julie back with him to his zombie infested home and makes every attempt at trying to get to know her.

Once the initial fear Julie feels toward R passes and she is certain he has no intention of making her his next meal, the next hurdle R has to overcome is how to confess to Julie that R accidentally ate her boyfriend Perry (played by Dave Franco), whose brains helps R absorb the memories of a life Perry has lived up until his bloody end.

Comparisons have been made between this movie and Twilight when it was first released in theaters. “It’s like Twilight, but with zombies!” I can see how people will draw those conclusions between the two films, but I think this movie is nothing like Twilight (and yes I have read the books and watched the films, for better or for worse). I will explain why without any significant spoilers to Warm Bodies.

Julie (Teresa Palmer) and R (Nicholas Hoult)

R is aware his life is a bit empty and meaningless without there being something more important in his life than brains and shuffling slowly from place to place. He doesn’t know it yet but he’s craving to truly live again. When he sees Julie, he feels an instant connection. These feelings are very strange and new to him and he’s desperate to figure out what they mean. This is why he takes Julie with him even though this comes off as creepy and terrifying for Julie.

Edward in the Twilight films struggles with his desire to want to eat Bella and be with her at the same time. Edward does feel a connection to Bella but he actively runs away from it for her own safety. Bella, being intrigued, keeps pursuing Edward until he has no choice but to fess up to what he really is which is a vampire.

Julie knows who and what R is from the very start, so it’s not like she is actively trying to pursue R. He’s the one who takes Julie to his zombie abode without her having any say in the matter. It takes plenty of reassurance from R to convince Julie that he won’t eat or harm her before finally allowing herself to relax around him.

Between Bella and Julie, Julie is the smart one to think she should be afraid of zombies. Bella just has a death wish to walk right into dangerous situations because she’s dazzled by Edward’s eternal beauty and diamond luster skin.

Both Bella and Julie need to be saved by their undead boyfriend more than once. However, Bella seems hopelessly useless at getting herself out of dangerous situations, much less fight. Julie kicks ass. She has a gun and doesn’t hesitate to shoot it. Julie is no shrinking violet when it comes to zombies. She can manage in a fight and I get the impression she’ll fight until the bitter end.

The film does get a bit sappy towards the end, but it is a zombie love story. Both Nicholas Hoult and Teresa Palmer have good onscreen chemistry together and play off each other really well to be convincing as two people who eventually come together and fall in love against all odds. They’re both likeable and I feel at times the atmosphere between R and Julie isn’t as broody and intense compared to Edward and Bella. There’s plenty of humor to make this particular love story light and enjoyable all the way through. The Twilight films have a tendency to be a bit suffocating with the over-the-top emotions on display.

John Malkovich makes an appearance in the film as Julie’s overprotective, militant father who is hell bent on exterminating all zombies at whatever cost. There really isn’t much for him to do in this role, but he serves the purpose of being the one person who can possibly pose a threat to R and Julie being together.

If you enjoy zombies and like a little romance and humor with your zombie movie, you may find this film quite enjoyable. If you’re looking for the type of zombies you’d expect from an episode of The Walking Dead, then you may want to skip this one. Besides, Nicholas Hoult is probably the only good looking zombie I have ever seen come out of a movie in general. And you know, realistically, I don’t think I can fall in love with any zombie that comes out of The Walking Dead, unless I think having my face eaten off is my idea of true romance.

Reviewer Rating: 9/10

15 thoughts on “Movie Review – Warm Bodies

    1. True, but I think this movie had more comedy and lighter moments than the Twilight films combined. I think Twilight tried, but there’s way more teen angst to outweigh whatever lighter moments they tried for.

  1. I love the feminist comparison you did for Bella and Julie. I hadn’t thought about that at all, but you’re totally right. Julie is a much stronger character than Bella!

    When this movie first came out, I was really looking forward to it and was even reading the book. I think we talked about that, actually. =) But I thought the movie was a little boring. I’m not sure why I felt that way, except maybe I had over-hyped it in my own mind.

    And doing the Twilight comparison, Twilight has a lot more story progression and movement, in my opinion! Not a big Twilight fan, but I don’t mind watching those movies with my sister once in a while, whereas I might never watch Warm Bodies again. At least Nicholas Hoult was a good-looking zombie — the world’s only one, like you said! =)

    1. We did talk about it on Twitter! I think it’s interesting how you found the movie boring while I was really entertained by the movie the whole time. Was it because you read the book first? I did purchase the book, so I’ll be able to see what are the differences and similarities between the two soon enough. 🙂

      I didn’t mind Twilight too much either. I did enjoy the movies, and I did like the first book of the series. It was after the first book that I started disliking it more and more. The final book was unbearable to finish, but I did in the end.

      And right? If all zombies looked like Nicholas Hoult, how can a girl resist? 😛

      1. It could have been reading the book first that made watching it feel less interesting, that’s true! I felt like the movie toned down some of Julie’s quirks and just didn’t have a lot happening. It worked better for me as a funny book because it was more about the inner monologue and relationship than action.

        I also read the first Twilight book! It was after I’d seen the first movie, and I borrowed it from someone because I was laid up with a health problem for a few weeks. It was okay, but I liked the movies better. Twilight is one of those things that I’ll make fun of with the best of them, but on a rainy day when I’m bored, the Twilight movies can sometimes hit the spot. I guess that’s the definition of a guilty pleasure!

        But yeah, I never felt compelled to read the rest of the books, and now I definitely won’t if you say they go downhill after the first. Good for you for finishing the series, though. That must have taken lots of courage and resolve!

    1. I’m also not a huge zombie fanatic, but it really was an entertaining film. It’s also a nice change from your usual scary, only out to eat brains zombie stories.

  2. Hmm I’ve been intrigued for a while and have kind of been back and forth, but I think I will check it out after all. I’m a huge zombie fan, but not a fan of rom coms at all, so it’s a tricky one for me. It does sound interesting though and I like the idea that unlike Twilight, the main female character actually does kick some ass (although I haven’t watched Twilight – it’s just really not for me). I also like the idea of injecting a little humour into a zombie movie. I think I may very well check this out!

    1. I think it does a good job of having both humor and romance in it. As I said, it does get a bit sappy towards the end but it isn’t horribly bad. You should check it out! At least there isn’t intense, heavy staring like in Twilight!

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