My Top 5 Cute Video Game Characters

Quite some time ago I did a post where I detailed my Top 5 cute characters from anime. This time I wish to talk about my Top 5 picks of cute characters from video games. I’ll be honest with you, my picks will be quite limited on the video games front because I haven’t gamed for too long and I haven’t been exposed to too many cute characters from the video games I have played so far. This doesn’t mean I haven’t melted at the sight of these adorable creatures when I first laid eyes on them. Read on to find out which characters have captured my heart and will always be very special to me.

kirby_yarn_ball1. Kirby from Kirby’s Epic Yarn. The only real Kirby game I’ve ever played and finished is Kirby’s Epic Yarn for the Wii. The entire game is overloaded with cuteness galore. It’s impossible to play through the game and not want to keep gushing over Kirby and the world every five minutes. This pink round ball with its shining blue eyes and disarming smile gives me a real urge to want to pick him up and hug him. Good thing I own a Kirby plushie to do that for real. Why Kirby? Aside from having some pretty cool transformations and powers in whichever Kirby game you may play, the thing that always remains the same is Kirby’s happy-go-lucky attitude. I love how no matter how rough things get Kirby goes into battle with a pep in his step and wants to help in his own way. I also like how he makes cute sounds to express himself.

starfy_cast2. Starfy from The Legendary Starfy. The Legendary Starfy is another cute game I encountered during my first introduction into the world of gaming and when I proudly owned my first portable gaming device. Starfy is, of course, an adorable bright yellow starfish with blue eyes and rosy cheeks. Starfy is similar to Kirby in that he’s always smiling and willing to lend a helping hand to those in trouble. Starfy goes on a journey to help a bunny recover his lost memories and to fight off those chasing after this bunny. Starfy’s underwater journey reminds me so much of Disney’s Finding Nemo, where he encounters all sorts of sea creatures, makes friends with new people along the way, and will do what it takes to get his bunny friend home. Starfy’s optimism is very infectious and it’s impossible not to smile when you play this game.

borderlands_claptrap3. Claptrap from Borderlands. Claptrap from the Borderlands games may not be conventionally cute as Kirby and Starfy, but his miniature size and worn look calls to mind Wall-E from the Pixar movie. This beat up robot along with the other Claptraps you encounter throughout the game help you navigate different points in Pandora and they all have their own distinct personalities. At times this tiny robot can be a bit annoying with its complaints and occasionally insulting your playable characters. However, when Claptrap finds itself in a jam you can’t help but not stay mad at this robot for too long. It expresses a vulnerability that is highly endearing and it appeals to the part of your human nature to want to help and protect it from harm. I almost liken Claptrap to a small child, that is if small children were junkyard looking robots.

Okami-issun4. Amaterasu from Okami. Okami for the Wii is a beautiful game that reminds me of Japanese watercolor paintings, and it brings out the artist in all of us when we paint the world with careful and deft brushstrokes. Amaterasu is a white wolf who is considered the Sun goddess reincarnated in this form. When playing the game, you see Amaterasu is fierce and powerful in battle, but shows a quiet and gentler side when she’s traversing the world of ancient Japan along with her tiny and bouncing green sidekick Issun. What I find adorable about Amaterasu is her interactions with Issun. They’re the odd couple who play off of each other and Issun manages to bring out Amaterasu’s more playful side. It’s a bit difficult to explain unless you’ve played the game before, but just know Amaterasu isn’t always the serious, only out to save the world kind of wolf. She also has a weak spot for cherry cakes. How cute is that?

The_Mabari_Hound5. Mabari hound from Dragon Age: Origins. The Mabari hound you get in Dragon Age: Origins has quite the personality of his own. He’s loyal, sweet, playful, protective, and loves being around people. Okay, he’s sort of your typical dog, but I think the Mabari hound likes to think it’s a human. One of the things I enjoyed about this game is watching the NPCs interact with your Mabari hound in interesting and comical ways. My favorite interaction is the one where Alistair spends a good deal at camp talking to your hound. The way he talks to the Mabari is as if the hound is seriously contemplating everything Alistair is saying, or expressing its own opinion with a bark or growl. It tickled my heart with delight!

These are my top picks for cute characters in video games. Who are your picks? Let me know in the comments below!

11 thoughts on “My Top 5 Cute Video Game Characters

  1. Moogles! Chocobos! I’m not sure why I’m thinking Final Fantasy, but those two came to mind first. Diddy Kong. Yoshi. Real on the nose picks, I appreciate your digging deeper!

    1. Thanks! I can’t believe I forgot about the Moogles and Chocobos. And Yoshi! There are plenty of cute characters scattered in video games for sure. 🙂

  2. Okay, I’ll admit it…I’ve never played a Kirby game. HOWEVER, Kirby’s Epic Yarn is in my Gamefly queue and I’m really looking forward it someday…so, there’s that.

    I’m amazed that you were able to narrow the list down to 5 — there seems to be a infinite number of cute characters in games! Think my #1 would have to be Yoshi. 🙂

    1. Kirby’s Epic Yarn is just adorable! I do have some other Kirby games for the DS and 3DS, so I hope to play those soon. When you do play Epic Yarn, be prepared for massive amounts of gushing. Too cute! 😀

      Yeah, it seems like I forgot quite a few other cute characters in video games. Although, I didn’t forget about Yoshi. I was just thinking if it’d be too obvious of a choice to pick him. Then again, so is Kirby but I love him too much to not include him.

  3. Great post! I’ve only encountered Claptrap in Borderlands 2, but I totally agree – so adorable! Claptrap is one of my favourite characters in BL2. It doesn’t help that he’s hilarious too. 😀

    1. Thanks! Claptrap does say the funniest things. I know my friend and I have cracked up during our co-op sessions by the stuff that comes out of his mouth. 🙂

  4. it’s pokemon characters I first think of actually ^^ . But I totally agree with kirby , especially in that style~ I was wondering, what console is Borderlands for? It looks interesting

    1. True! A lot of the Pokemon characters would fit well in a cute character video games list. As for Borderlands, it’s a good game. I think it’s much more fun to play with friends on co-op, but it’s possible to play on single-player too. It’s available on 360, PS3, and PC if you ever want to check it out.

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