Bright, Sunshiney Day – Sunshine Blogger Award

There seems to be a blogger award season going around lately. Whenever I scroll through my reader feed on WordPress, there’s usually one or two bloggers I follow who have gotten nominated for a blog award. The lovely honor has now been bestowed upon me with the Sunshine Blogger Award!

sunshine-award1I have been nominated not once, but twice for this lovely award. Thanks for the nomination CheeeseToastie and the lovely girls over at Geeky ‘n Girly! It’s a lovely gesture to be selected and seen as the blog that inspires others. I’m so moved! There are rules to accepting this award, which I will address right now:

1. Use the award logo in a post and/or on your blog. (Done in this post and it’s on display with the other blogger awards I have been given in the past on the right hand side of my blog when you scroll down.)
2. Include a link back to whoever nominated you. (Two times the links from two great bloggers! Check out both if you aren’t already.)
3. Offer 10 pieces of random information about you. (You get to know more about me that may not be in my “About The Girl” page! Yay?)
4. Nominate ten other bloggers who ‘positively and creatively inspire others in the blogosphere.’ (Check for the end of this post.)
5. Let your nominees know about their much deserved award. (Will do!)

10 Random Information About Me:

1. In high school I’ve been nicknamed “Hawaiian Girl” or “Flower Girl” because I pin my hair up with flower accessories. I still do this now.

2. I’m a bit of a neat freak. I can’t have my living or work space haphazard or disorganized.

3. I studied eleven years of Spanish since it was a requirement to take language classes in junior high and until now my knowledge of the Spanish language is basic at best. Sad I know. I wish I was fluent in at least one foreign language.

4. I keep a personal journal I write in to record my thoughts, feelings, and significant life events. I started keeping one since junior high and I have books filled with all my life experiences thus far.

5. I don’t own any pets, and I don’t have a real desire to own one either.

6. I once got free admission to a church in Quebec, Canada that required a small fee to get in and tour the place. The man accepting the money thought I was 16. I was actually in my early to mid-20s at the time. Yay for looking younger than you actually are?

7. I’ll watch just about any type of movie except horror films. I don’t watch them because my mom and older sister have conditioned me to believe that if I watched any horror movie it will give me nightmares. I still believe that.

8. Anyone who doesn’t know me personally may think I’m quiet and don’t like to talk. Usually if I’m quiet it’s because I have nothing to say or I’m wrapped up in a task I’m doing at the moment.

9. I don’t like a lot of photos taken of me. I tend to not post too many photos of me or there aren’t too many taken of me.  The only time I try to be in a picture is when I’m traveling to a new place or it’s a special event. Even then, you can bet I’ll still be picky about what photos see the light of day.

10. I used to want to be a fashion designer when I was younger, but realized early on that I don’t have the talent to sketch nor the vision to dream up new outfits for the runways.

Now that you’ve read those random facts about me, here are the following 10 bloggers who I wish to nominate for this award. Some of them are bloggers I have been following for a long time now and others are new bloggers who also have great content and deserve to be recognized. I’m also aware that some of these bloggers have been nominated for this award before by other bloggers, but they deserve the nomination again:

1. Robo♥Beat

2. Geek Outsider

3. Manga Weekend

4. Anime B&B

5. Gagging On Sexism

6. linksaveszelda

7. Beneath the Tangles

8. A4man Blog

9. A Guide to Geekdom

10. Trivial Punk

Follow these blogs if you don’t already! Also, sorry about this post not being a “real” post on my blog, but I needed to acknowledge this award and I had another busy weekend come and go. Expect the usual by next Monday. Now I’m off to notify people about their nomination.

10 thoughts on “Bright, Sunshiney Day – Sunshine Blogger Award

  1. Congrats, and thanks for nominating me in turn! I loved reading some more facts about you, and it’s funny you mention looking younger than you are, because that happens to me all the time too! People still sometimes think I’m in high school and let me into places for free.

    Also, I’m envious that you still keep a journal. I did that on and off growing up and was really devoted to it all through college. I have a handful of boxes filled with old diaries! But I’ve gotten lazy and don’t take the time to journal anymore. I need to get back into it, because it’s sad when years slip by without you being able to go back and savor all the details through your journal entries; it’s easy to forget things! Plus, journaling is so helpful for sorting things out in my mind, emotionally, etc.

    1. I can’t complain if people want to think I’m younger than I actually am! I’d say roll with it and it just means we have good family genes if we can pull off looking like we’re younger each year we age. 😉

      Keeping a journal is very therapeutic for me. It’s also great for travel when you want to remember things you’ve seen or done. There are times when I don’t have time to write in it. In fact, I’m due for writing in it soon but haven’t found the time to sit down and just do it. Either way, it’s never too late to pick it up again!

  2. Thank you so much for the nomination! I loved learning a little more about you in this post as well, very cool. I’m not really sure how these work though, how does one win these awards? Is there voting or am I missing something?

    1. I’m glad you think knowing a little more about me is interesting. I like learning more about other people too when the opportunity is there!

      As far as blog awards go, it’s more like a nice way for other bloggers to show their appreciation/love for the work you do. It’s sort of like an email chain letter but better and not annoying. Whenever the blog award passes on to someone else you just thank them, follow the rules of the blog award, and then pass it on! You also have the option to display the blog award image on your blog to show that someone or a handful of people thought your blog (and the blogger themselves) is awesome! 😀

      1. Oh that’s neat, so I can now follow all those rules and post something like this over on my blog? That’s really cool. I’ll have to get on that!

  3. Thanks, Christine!! So nice of you! 🙂

    I’ll be posting this on my Tumblr (thetangles DOT tumblr DOT com) on Wednesday afternoon! 🙂

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