An Accidental Listener – How Podcasts Became A Daily Part Of My Life

My daily morning and evening commutes rely heavily on carrying my iPod and listening to music. I find it hard to start or end my day without listening to my favorite albums or tracks. I like tapping my foot to the beat or kind of singing along to the song in my head. Hey, I’m not crazy to start belting out a song in public, as if I suddenly became part of a Broadway musical.

Music is usually the only thing I listen to. I don’t particularly want to listen to podcasts during my commutes, mainly because the talk radio style is something I only listen to when I need to hear what the weather is or the top news stories of the day. My stance on not adding podcasts to my iPod library eventually changed when I stumbled upon one in particular back in January.

The site At The Buzzer has a podcast celebrating its 100th episode this Thursday. The podcast is hosted by Chris Etling, David Robinson, and Shaun El-Ters. In a lot of ways they are the reason I have started listening to podcasts again, and this post is special because of their 100th episode mark.

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Movie Review – Warm Bodies

Zombies are everywhere. They have invaded our TV screens with the popularity of The Walking Dead, books like The Zombie Survival Guide, video games like Left For Dead, and with movies like Warm Bodies. When you think of zombies, you think of decaying corpses with their dead eyes and an insatiable lust for brains. How is it possible to make a zombie desirable to a flesh and blood girl who is still alive? Warm Bodies somehow crafts this unlikely love story, which is both sweet and likeable.

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My Top 5 Cute Video Game Characters

Quite some time ago I did a post where I detailed my Top 5 cute characters from anime. This time I wish to talk about my Top 5 picks of cute characters from video games. I’ll be honest with you, my picks will be quite limited on the video games front because I haven’t gamed for too long and I haven’t been exposed to too many cute characters from the video games I have played so far. This doesn’t mean I haven’t melted at the sight of these adorable creatures when I first laid eyes on them. Read on to find out which characters have captured my heart and will always be very special to me.

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