Gamers Unite! – Find simpleek On United We Game

It looks like yours truly is all over the blogosphere lately. First Geek Force Network and now some place called United We Game? You guys must be tired to see my name around. Actually, I sincerely hope that isn’t the case. As you have guessed from the title of this update post, it is in fact true. I am spreading my reach beyond my little ‘ol blog and going places I have never dreamed of going to before. You folks know about Geek Force Network if you read my last post announcement, and now you must be wondering what is this new site simpleek is a part of? Wonder no more!

United We Game is a place where all video game bloggers can come together under one place to share their ideas about the gaming world at large while also fostering a welcoming community for gaming bloggers to call their own. If you are a blogger who loves to write about games and are looking for a place to plug your writing to get more exposure, this is the place to be. Where do I come in? I have decided to join UWG to contribute my own thoughts and opinions about video games. If you have followed my blog, you know I don’t strictly write about video games. While GFN is the place for all things geeky, UWG is purely focused on games.

There is no particular set schedule for when you’ll see my own writing on UWG, but I plan to contribute as often as I can. I probably have stretched myself a little too much with the amount of projects I’m involved in. Blogging for three different sites has proven to be a challenge. Blogging for me has become almost like a full time job when I’m not working at my real job that pays me money. Despite how much this has made my life a lot busier, I do it because I enjoy writing and I enjoy being part of this community I have found in the span of a little over a year of having started simpleek. I just simply see it as more opportunities to connect and to share my ideas.

To make sure you don’t miss any of my writings on UWG, I’ll be sure to post updates on my blog, Twitter, and Facebook. I encourage you to follow United We Game and to check out the other writers who either run the site or contribute articles on there as well. It’s time to unite as gamers and bloggers!

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