Pull Your Pants Up!

For those who have been interested in reading my Fashionista Musings portions of the blog, I typically discuss my opinions for certain trends in women’s fashion. To shift gears for a bit for this week’s fashion focus post, I tackle a trend that’s hardly new for men, but not a trend I find particularly attractive either. What am I talking about? The saggy pants look of course.

Plenty of you, guy or gal, are familiar with this look. These are the men who think letting their pants hang dangerously low around their hips with their boxer shorts playing peek-a-boo is sexy as hell. Guys will be strutting their stuff on city streets as if they are the hottest thing you have ever seen. I can tell you, at least for this girl, it’s not. This trend confuses me to no end, and it boggles my mind to see it still popular for some guys.

Honestly, does anyone need to know what color your underwear is? Was it that difficult to pull up your pants the rest of the way? Who is the idiot who started this trend for men anyway? The saggy pants look is tasteless, a lazy way for a guy to get dressed for the day, and I can’t see how this is good for mobility for men. I have observed more men, who like the saggy pants look, walk as if they are waddling like a duck or a penguin. Somehow wearing their jeans this way makes them the world’s slowest walkers, and this doesn’t fly in fast paced New York City where you are always in a rush to get to where you need to go. And men think this is sexy to the ladies? Again, who started this trend? Someone should slap him upside the head for making this an acceptable way to wear pants.

Just say no to saggy pants
Just say no to saggy pants

If a guy is walking in front of me and he has his ass hanging out of his jeans, I may stare but it isn’t because I’m checking him out. If I stare, it’s only because I’m appalled to have this random dude displaying his striped or patterned boxer shorts in front of my face. I’m more embarrassed for you. Where else am I going to look if your saggy pants and butt is in my face?! Am I supposed to shut my eyes until you turn the corner and I never have to see you and your butt ever again? Guys, this look is hardly cute. Just…no.

Men are better off wearing their pants the right way, preferably ones covering their butts properly. I am way more attracted to a guy who can dress themselves in a way that doesn’t say, “I just came out of the bathroom and I forgot to pull up my pants on the way out.” Guys, you are better off wearing clothes that doesn’t make people wonder if you still need someone to help you get dressed in the morning. Bless this kid for having better sense than most grown men who want to make this look work for them daily:

14 thoughts on “Pull Your Pants Up!

  1. I kid you not, I actually saw a young woman dress like this the other day. She had on men’s boxers underneath a baggy pair of basketball shorts. I can’t stand this look on either men or women. Give me a guy in well fitted jeans just the right snugness from behind 😉

    1. Really? Women do this look too? I’ve seen it more with men than women. That’s interesting to say the least.

      I definitely agree with you there! Give me a guy who can wear nicely fitted jeans that accentuates a cute butt. 😉

  2. Ohhh great ranting post, I love it! haha

    Seriously, I thought this trend was going away… but no. I’m seeing it again too, and it’s awful. I was really spoiled when I lived in London because for a while, most of the guys there were wearing skinny jeans! Really, I’m more into a regular fitting pair of jeans for guys, but hey, I’ll take skinny jeans over the baggy, ass-out look any day.

    The sad thing is that the falling-down jeans look must have taken a lot of planning, can’t be super comfortable, and is not even flattering. So it’s a triple fail. =(

    1. Definitely a triple fail! Obviously the guys who like this look have to plan out how they can have their ass hanging out without the pants themselves falling off completely. Why anyone would want to deliberately plan out how to wear their jeans this way is beyond me.

      I’m not sure if I really like guys in skinny jeans either. For some, the look works super well. And on others, well, I just prefer men to have pants that makes them look good. 😛

  3. Oh my god, I couldn’t agree with you more! This fashion trend totally confounds me as well. I’m not even sure what they’re trying to go for? As you said, if I’m looking, it’s only because I’m thinking ‘what in the hell…?’ I’ve actually seen some people who do this have their pants actually fall down while they were running and I’ll admit I laughed a bit… ok, a LOT. 😀

    1. Haha! Wow. That hasn’t happened when I see a guy wear his pants that way. Having your ass hang out of your pants is not good for walking or running! I’d be laughing too if I saw that. 😀

  4. There is a history behind this. Now, I may not be the best to quote it, but I’m going to try anyway..

    Men in prison used to wear their pants a particular way to signal to other men who among them are available or willing for “intimate encounters”. When worn correctly, they were showing that they were not available. When they sagged their jeans, they were showing that they were.

    I’m going to assume that some little punks looked up to their dads, uncles, brothers, and cousins and thought they were tough cool guys who just got out of prison and started instantly mimicking the way they wore their pants. Little did or DO they know that this was a secret communication to signal to other men that they wanted buttsecks. *Ahem*

    Anywho, even if it didn’t have some hidden meaning I think it looks completely dysfunctional and, excuse my terminology, retarded. Clothing is supposed to be functional in most ways, especially the portion that covers your lower half. Guys just need to get it right!

    – Britney

    1. Thanks for the comment! That’s interesting. I never knew that at all. I always wondered where the hell this saggy pants look came from. Knowing the origins, the more this makes this whole look undesirable.

      Usually the guys who wear their pants this way tend to think it’s “gangsta” and badass when all it does is make men look ridiculous. Good thing these are the type of men I’m not attracted to. 😉

      1. Haha, yeah. Ridiculous and gross. I really wish they would post flyers of those facts everywhere so that guys would quite sagging their pants. If only they knew!

        – Britney

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