The Future Is––GFN

If you have visited my blog recently, you may notice that the right hand sidebar now features a square logo with “GFN” in big letters. You must also be wondering, “What the hell is GFN?” I’m so glad you asked! GFN stands for Geek Force Network. That’s right. The simpleek blog is now a proud member of the Geek Force Network. The basic gist of GFN is uniting a bunch of talented, silly, and maybe a little crazy group of bloggers, podcasters, and video producers under one roof to bring all you wonderful people out there the best in geeky content.

When I started blogging, I never knew what I expected to get out of it. Sure, I saw blogging as a place to gather my thoughts, type them out, and then hit publish for someone in the big, wide world of the interwebs to come and read them. I sort of had this idea of discussing with other people the same interests we had together, but with a measure of detachment. I would post, answer any comments I received, and then go about my business in the real world like I always do.

I think I should have figured from my experience of having been very active in the Sailor Moon fanfiction community a long time ago that remaining detached or not getting sucked into a sense of community is just not going to happen. We’re human. We thrive on human connections and interactions. No man or woman is an island.

Then one day, I decided to open up a Twitter account, which I refused for the longest time.  I said to myself, “Twitter is pointless. Why the hell would I want to get one? It’s just an endless stream of Facebook-like statuses, but with a 140 character limit.” Why did I do it then? I did it to use it as a vehicle to plug my blog, just like anyone else who decides to use Twitter to plug their brand. If I hated it then, I now have to say that I freaking love Twitter! I’m practically on the thing every damn day! It’s linked to my phone, and it buzzes like crazy with new interactions and other notifications, just like when I get text messages from my IRL friends. What are the odds, right?

Seems like a higher being or the Universe has a weird way of taking you down a path you never expected to walk, but it’s not an unpleasant path to go on either. Thanks to Twitter and having the regular followers I have on WordPress, I have connected with a bunch of amazing individuals who are smart, funny, and fabulously geeky. A lot of them I call friends. We’re spread out all across the country and even half way across the globe, and yet somehow, sharing an idea or passion still manages to connect us in some way.

Maybe someday we may meet and come together to geek out in person. For now, we have all this technology at our fingertips to still find a way to stay in contact no matter where we are in the world. By meeting a certain group of individuals online and deciding to create this exciting opportunity for our media to get noticed, promoted, and to stay connected to each other, it’s an exciting time to become a blogger, podcaster, or video producer.

I’m taking the time now to appeal to all of you to check out GFN and to follow my blogging endeavors on there as well. I will continue to update my own blog every Monday as planned, but be sure to head on over to GFN on Tuesday evening to catch a new post by me as well. And don’t just go there just for me. Believe me, I love the love and attention I get from my adoring fans. No, this network isn’t just about me. It’s also about the other geeky individuals I personally follow that you, dear audience, may not be aware of.  Or you may see some familiar faces too, but expect this community to grow in time.

You will want to stay up-to-date on all GFN has planned. There might be plans in the works for all my fellow geeky members to do some massive projects together! But how would you know if you don’t follow GFN? I make a compelling argument, right? When you’re done reading this post, go to GFN right now! Yes, NOW! If you love geeks or are a geek yourself, you’re going to love GFN. At the end of the day, as GFN’s tagline states, “It’s all geek to me.”


6 thoughts on “The Future Is––GFN

  1. This sounds like fabulous way for you to really grow as both a blogger and as an in-touch person in general. I applaud you for getting into GFN 🙂 I enjoyed reading your post on Geek Chic, though my views differ quite a bit from yours.

    Keep up the awesome posts! I may not comment too often since I tend to read on the bus commute to and from work, but I always look forward to your next post.

    1. That makes me really happy, Marina! Thank you. 😀 You know I love reading your stuff too. Definitely my favorite posts to read are your anime/cooking posts. So good!

      GFN is an exciting network to be a part of. However, it doesn’t mean GFN is a closed network/community. We are looking to eventually have more people join. So if you are interested in becoming part of this lovely network, you should consider it. 😉

    1. That’s what happens when you stay away from blogging too long! 😛

      I look forward to seeing you come back to blogging. And if you think GFN is something you’d like to join when you do, definitely do.

  2. Hey, Simpleek, do I count as a geek? I hate to confess it on my blog, but I’m certified. I’m active on video games fora. And of course, I’m not renxkyoko there.

    1. I don’t think you should feel hesitant to confess yourself as a geek. Why not? I am one. I’m proud of it. It’s something I identify with and always have. Embrace your geekiness! And if you do decide to do that manga blog, go for it! 😀

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