The Fashionable Fable 3 (Guest Blogger Post)

Welcome to another guest blogger week on simpleek! This time, give a warm welcome to the super funny and charming Cary of Recollections of Play! She writes about video games, but with a focus on her memories of what it feels like to play the old and current games she enjoys playing. If you are looking for reviews on retro and some current games that isn’t the typical cut and dry reviews, you’ll enjoy reading hers. Her sense of humor shines through in her writing, and she’ll leave you either laughing or smiling as you read her posts. She even throws in an occasional reflection post on the music she is currently listening to and how it’s tied to her past in some way. For this week’s post, Cary has written a great article that combines fashion and video games together. She gushes over her love for dressing up the characters of Fable, and if you enjoy character customizations as much as she does, you’ll relate to her experience really well. Be sure to follow her blog for more of her charm and wit. Stalk her on Twitter, where the laughter and commentary never ends! Also, follow another blog she helps run with two other bloggers called United We Game. This blog is still fairly new, but its goal is to bring all video game bloggers together to write and discuss a passion they love––video games!

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An Unconventional Reflection of a Retro Gaming Past (A guest post)

Read the guest blog post I did over at Recollections of Play. I recall my retro gaming past…er…sort of. Reminisce along with me!

Recollections of Play

This week, please give a big, warm welcome to simpleek and her retro gaming memories!  She wrote a fantastic post that’s sure to warm the cockles (cockles??) of your gaming heart. I remember losing more than a few hours to that Aladdin game. And Mario Kart…it was…well, I just, uh — okay look. I’ve never played…a Mario Kart game. [GASP!] There I said it. You happy now?! Sheesh. Never mind about that — read this post and forget we ever spoke. Join simpleek as she vividly shares several entertaining bits from her video game past. (And be sure to check out her blog!)  I, for one, will never look at chicken nuggets the same way again.


I consider myself a gamer these days. Back when I was growing up, I didn’t have a gamer bone in my body. Sure, I had a cousin and friends who owned the…

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