I Wanna Be Bad – The Thrill of Playing Naughty in Games

Options in a game is a beautiful thing to have. If you have read some of my video game related posts, I have professed an absolute love for games that provide an overabundant amount of choices to choose from. Give me a good story with plenty of customizations and options to choose from in a game, and you will find me spending hours getting lost in the world. Add in the bonus of choosing between playing as a male or female character at the start of a game––signed, sealed, delivered and I’m absolutely yours!

Every time I start a game for the first time with an option to choose female, I always choose to play the game from a female perspective. Call it a comfort thing or gravitating to what feels familiar, but I want my main protagonist to save the world or kick some ass as a female. Guys have been having all the fun for years now, why can’t we? When you get games like Mass Effect, Dragon Age, or any game where you can dictate how you want your character to look, act, or feel, it makes the game feel very personal and different for each player. If I am presented with playing a game as the good girl or bad girl, there is something strangely alluring about playing a game where a character likes to be naughty.

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