Spring Forward With Pastels – The Latest Color Trend

Fashion trends tend to be cyclical. One minute something is hot and in the next, it’s just not. The great thing about fashion is how a certain style or color is bound to make a comeback somewhere down the line. Last year, I discussed my strong dislike for the neon color trend. This time I have a reason to rejoice at this year’s color trend––pastels.

This lovely Forever 21 dress is an example of the colors you will see this year
This lovely Forever 21 dress is an example of the colors you will see this year

Maybe my love for pastels is linked to having been born around the spring. Soft colors of rose petal pink, lavender, or daffodil yellow instantly makes me yearn for the milder temperatures and the flowers getting ready to sprout from the ground. Whatever it is, I find the colors to make a girl feel pretty and flirty.

Where neon colors announce, “I’m here and I’m daring. If you don’t like it, then get out of my way,” pastels seem to say, “I’m romantic and I carry an air of innocence.” Pastels are what I like to call the low-key and subtle colors of fashion. A person who wears pastels makes the kind of statement where a hint of their presence is left behind. You almost wonder if she ever existed at all. The colors also evoke a bit of coyness depending on what pieces you wear.

Pastels can also bring out the little girl in all of us who used to wear those Sunday Easter dresses to represent the youth and renewal of spring. These colors embodies all of that. Pastels have been my favorite kind of colors to wear and keep in my wardrobe. I also consider them an extension of who I am as a person when I’m out in public and wear these colors. I am a romantic and dreamer in some ways, and wearing a pale pink dress or a sea green blouse communicates that. It’s refreshing to wear colors that pushes out the winter blues of blacks and grays, and welcomes blue skies and abundant sunshine. If you want to frolic in the park among a field of flowers, then have fun doing it with a pastel outfit!

What do you think of the current color trend? Does pastels conjure images of femininity and romance? Or are pastels too drab and unimaginative for your liking?

6 thoughts on “Spring Forward With Pastels – The Latest Color Trend

  1. I like pastels too. I usually pair them with something darker, for some reason — not to look washed out, I guess, because my skin is very fair — but they’re great for spring.

    I’ve also come to love wearing pale pinks, which I used to shun thinking they were too “girly.” I sort of went through a tomboy phase in my late teens, but now I love how feminine pinks and other pastel colors can look. (And they can look great on guys, too!)

    1. I think it’s the opposite for me because I can wear pastels without having to pair it with something darker. I suppose it’s because my complexion is more olive in color. 🙂

      I always loved pink, but definitely the pale pink tones are my favorite. I’ve always been the girly girl growing up, so I had no problem embracing the color. I have to agree that there are guys that can pull off a pink button down really well. I can understand men not liking the color pink all that much on themselves, but those who are brave enough to wear the color make it look good!

  2. I totally agree with what you said about pastels vs. neons and what they express about the person. Admittedly I hardly ever wear colour, my wardrobe’s a boring mix of white, grey, black and blue, but when I do where any colour I prefer it to be as bright as possible. I’m definitely a neon person :P. I actually read that description you wrote about people who wear neon out to my bf and his reaction was ‘omg, that’s you.’ Nothing against pastel though, I just can’t seem to wear it, it just looks wrong on me somehow. I think it’s definitely a personality thing! Although I’m still not really girly, as I’ve gotten older a lot of my clothes have become more feminine, but I’ve just never touched pastels at all. It’s very soft and gentle-looking and I just can’t pull that off! 😛

    1. Haha! That’s amazing that my description of neon for those who love it was a spot on description about you that your boyfriend agreed with. 🙂 Fashion is really what appeals to each different person. What works for some doesn’t work for other people. I think this is why pastels work well for me. I’m very gentle, soft, and have an air of innocence–though those who know me personally may disagree about the innocence bit. 😛

  3. I like pastels too. Mainly because I don’t like loud colours. I’ve always been attracted to more cool colours and pastes fit well with that. I never really associated the colours with something. I just wore them because I liked them. :3

    1. Yeah, my color picks are very subdued. 🙂 I like wearing things with color, but I just don’t like to wear anything that will draw too much attention to myself.

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