Game Review: Mass Effect 3 – Citadel DLC

I know what you are thinking, “Another Mass Effect 3Citadel DLC review? Don’t we have a ton of these on the internet?” Well, yes that’s true, but as someone who loves this series, you will have to suffer through another one. Don’t like it? Then click the back button. Actually, don’t do that. Please stay. I’ll give you a hug if you do! Are you staying? Good. If you can’t tell, I’m coming off of an emotional high right now. It’s a major side effect of playing the DLC. Warning: Will cause your heart to swell with warm and fuzzy feelings and may cause tears to stream down your face. For this review, I will be as spoiler free as I possibly can.

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I Wanna Be Bad – The Thrill of Playing Naughty in Games

Options in a game is a beautiful thing to have. If you have read some of my video game related posts, I have professed an absolute love for games that provide an overabundant amount of choices to choose from. Give me a good story with plenty of customizations and options to choose from in a game, and you will find me spending hours getting lost in the world. Add in the bonus of choosing between playing as a male or female character at the start of a game––signed, sealed, delivered and I’m absolutely yours!

Every time I start a game for the first time with an option to choose female, I always choose to play the game from a female perspective. Call it a comfort thing or gravitating to what feels familiar, but I want my main protagonist to save the world or kick some ass as a female. Guys have been having all the fun for years now, why can’t we? When you get games like Mass Effect, Dragon Age, or any game where you can dictate how you want your character to look, act, or feel, it makes the game feel very personal and different for each player. If I am presented with playing a game as the good girl or bad girl, there is something strangely alluring about playing a game where a character likes to be naughty.

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A Tale of Two Blondes – Usagi and Minako of Sailor Moon

Sailor Moon has been my favorite manga and anime for as long as I can remember. Despite the flaws the main heroine Usagi Tsukino has, she does have other qualities a girl can admire. My next favorite character in the Sailor Moon series is Minako Aino, also known as Sailor Venus. Like the Greek goddess she is named after, Mina is a beautiful and confident sailor scout. Put these two together side-by-side, and you have two blonde girls who are similar in appearance and demeanor.

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Spring Forward With Pastels – The Latest Color Trend

Fashion trends tend to be cyclical. One minute something is hot and in the next, it’s just not. The great thing about fashion is how a certain style or color is bound to make a comeback somewhere down the line. Last year, I discussed my strong dislike for the neon color trend. This time I have a reason to rejoice at this year’s color trend––pastels.

This lovely Forever 21 dress is an example of the colors you will see this year
This lovely Forever 21 dress is an example of the colors you will see this year

Maybe my love for pastels is linked to having been born around the spring. Soft colors of rose petal pink, lavender, or daffodil yellow instantly makes me yearn for the milder temperatures and the flowers getting ready to sprout from the ground. Whatever it is, I find the colors to make a girl feel pretty and flirty.

Where neon colors announce, “I’m here and I’m daring. If you don’t like it, then get out of my way,” pastels seem to say, “I’m romantic and I carry an air of innocence.” Pastels are what I like to call the low-key and subtle colors of fashion. A person who wears pastels makes the kind of statement where a hint of their presence is left behind. You almost wonder if she ever existed at all. The colors also evoke a bit of coyness depending on what pieces you wear.

Pastels can also bring out the little girl in all of us who used to wear those Sunday Easter dresses to represent the youth and renewal of spring. These colors embodies all of that. Pastels have been my favorite kind of colors to wear and keep in my wardrobe. I also consider them an extension of who I am as a person when I’m out in public and wear these colors. I am a romantic and dreamer in some ways, and wearing a pale pink dress or a sea green blouse communicates that. It’s refreshing to wear colors that pushes out the winter blues of blacks and grays, and welcomes blue skies and abundant sunshine. If you want to frolic in the park among a field of flowers, then have fun doing it with a pastel outfit!

What do you think of the current color trend? Does pastels conjure images of femininity and romance? Or are pastels too drab and unimaginative for your liking?