2013 New Year’s Resolutions for Simpleek

With the crazy business of the world “ending” this year based on the Mayan calendar behind us, it’s time to focus on the approaching new year.

2012 has been a pretty good year on a personal level and for this blog as well. I garnered more followers and readers than I thought possible, and I’m still writing a post a week. I still wish I had the time to do two posts a week, but the important thing is pushing myself to be able to write one good post every week. I hope I am living up to that commitment, dear readers!

Looking back at some of the posts I have written this past year, I can count posts I am quite proud of writing and some I wish I had done better on. I also realized how difficult it is to balance writing one topic over the other. Being a blog that likes to write about manga, anime, video games, and a bit of fashion in between––it’s clear that some topics will get more attention than others.

As a 2013 resolution for the Simpleek blog, I hope to challenge myself to write more analysis based posts because I haven’t written enough of those. I also wish to write more anime based posts. My anime related ones are sorely lacking, but I blame it on not finding enough time to watch the animes I currently own at home or are sitting on my Netflix queue waiting to be watched. I hope to squeeze more time in for the anime perspective on the blog in the new year. Reviews will still be written for the blog, but I don’t want to become too much like a review blog either. What I enjoy writing the most are posts where I can discuss things and where I can make observations on things I have noticed or seen. Discussion has been my main motivation for keeping this blog, and I hope to spark more conversation in 2013 with my regular readers and future ones.

Happy New Year everyone, and see you all in 2013!