Training Wheels For Video Games–Easy Mode

Over the Thanksgiving holidays, I finished the story campaign for Halo: Reach. If some of my readers are huge Halo fans, you must be wondering why am I on Reach when most gamers are onto one of the hottest games of 2012 which is Halo 4? Frankly, Reach was a Christmas gift from a friend last year and it was a good intro into the Halo universe. Or so my friend and cousin (fans of Halo by the way) thought. They weren’t wrong of course.

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One Year of Simpleek

It’s the month of November and after reading a post over at Black Strawberry about the blog’s anniversary, I remembered that it is my own blog’s anniversary as well.

Hunny and Mori can’t hardly contain their excitement over the blog’s one year anniversary

I started the blog back in November 2011 in an attempt to keep myself busy, improve my writing, and to talk about the things I absolutely love. It was also around the time where I was trying to pursue my professional dreams, and luckily that has come true this past year. I needed a creative outlet to keep my sanity and to push myself to write on a regular basis in general. There is no better way to practice your writing than by committing to writing a blog at least once a week. It is a challenge, but one I wish to continue.

To be honest, I wasn’t sure how many people really wanted to read what I had to say. I’m amazed and extremely grateful for the amount of likes, followers, and comments I get for my posts. Not only is it a great boost to the self-esteem, but it shows I must be doing something good with this blog if people want to follow me and sometimes share my posts with others.

I don’t claim my blog to be the best of the best out there. I believe there is still more I can learn, more to improve, and more I can grow from. I have a passion and enthusiasm for anime, manga, video games, and fashion. I realized I had things to say on these topics, and instead of just analyzing everything in my head, why not put it out there for the world to find and see? By indicating in your own way that there is an audience for my blog, it keeps me constantly writing and thinking of interesting things to say or share.

I want to take the time to thank everyone for making this blog what it is after one year. Before I only had zero to one person reading my blog, and now I have about eighty something followers. I look forward to spending another year with you.

Happy One Year Simpleek! Thank you for reading!

The Men of Bioware: Their Romance Arcs, Personalities, & How They Measure Against Each Other Pt. II

Welcome to the second part of my post concerning the men of Bioware. Last post I went into detail about the personalities and romances of Alistair, Anders, and Kaidan. In this second part, I’ll be comparing and offering my opinion about who I most enjoyed romancing out of the three.

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