Blood Soaked Love Triangle: Vampire Knight

The toughest thing about being a shojo heroine is having to choose between two guys. In typical shojo fashion, the men are always good looking and one guy would be considered the “best friend” and the other is the “bad guy.”

Zero (left), Yuki (center), Kaname (right)

In most cases, the heroine almost always chooses the “bad guy” before choosing the “best friend.” And in other cases, you have love triangles that keeps going without any clear resolution or an actual choice being made. In the spirit of Halloween, I’m going to analyze one such love triangle from Matsuri Hino’s manga Vampire Knight involving Yuki, Kaname, and Zero.

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That’s A Wrap––With Scarves

It’s autumn in New York, and what I love most about this season is not just the changing colors of the leaves but how the cooler temperatures allow me to wrap my neck with a great scarf.

H&M Scarf

Scarves will hardly go out of style. You have your light-weight scarves for mild temperatures or you have your heavy wool scarves for a chilly winter evening. Scarves are the most versatile accessory you can have in your wardrobe.

What I love about scarves is how it can easily dress up or down your outfit while keeping your neck warm and chic. It comes in different colors, patterns, and fabric. When I feel like mixing and matching colors with what I am wearing, I try to own at least one great scarf in a different color. I’m drawn to floral patterns or stripes and use those when I’m wearing a plain top or dress. It adds the necessary decoration I want without going overboard with my outfit. Certain fabrics can keep necks cool like light cotton, necks warm like knitted wool, or can make necks feel glamorous in satin or silk.

Versatile accessories like scarves are a great fashion must-have in your closet when you want to keep it simple and classy. Scarves can even double as a shawl or hair accessory. It really depends on how you want to wear it.’s Floral Print Scarf

Are you a fan of scarves? What type of scarves do you prefer? Colorful and plain, or fun and pattern-filled?

New York Comic Con Highlights and Reflections

This past weekend was New York Comic Con which took place at the Jacob Javits Center. It was that time of the year where all the geeks were united under one roof. My friend and I got three day passes and we were set for the whole weekend.

When attending the Cons, it was always a sensory overload. So many sights and sounds to take in all at once. It was difficult to decide where to go or look first. This was probably my fourth time attending the Con, and it never ceases to be overwhelming and awesome at the same time.

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New York Comic Con Post To Come

Mondays are my usual update days for my blog, but as I’m still working on trying to gather my thoughts over the past convention weekend as well as photos from the convention, I will be making an additional blog update this week. Please keep an eye on it. To give you a sneak peek of what I have in store, enjoy this photo from the many I have taken during the con weekend!

Aren’t these cute? Can you recognize the chibi sized versions of these very popular characters?

I’m not in love with you…wait am I?

A good number of the shojo I watch or read tends to feature clueless main characters who don’t realize they in fact like or are in love with the main hero/heroine. I don’t know if there is a trope for this, but it’s a common and very predictable plot device. It becomes really obvious when a character may have more feelings of like/love than they like to believe. I’m going to break down the following characters who fall into this category.

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