IGN’s List of Top 100 RPGs of All Time

IGN posted an article recently about their pick of the top 100 RPG games to play. Among the games featured on the list were some very obvious choices, simply because these RPG games are already huge fan favorites. Of course, there were some surprises of what didn’t make the list.

One of the Bioware game titles to make the IGN Top 100 RPGs list

Many of the Bioware games have made the list, but one game I’m surprised that didn’t make the list is Dragon Age: Origins. I really believe Dragon Age: Origins is a well made game that should have made the list. The characters and the world of Ferelden is just as engaging as the Mass Effect games (the first and second of this game series to make the list). I wonder what is the thought processes behind deciding which games to make the top 100 at IGN. I really think with the amount of Bioware titles on the list from Jade Empire to Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic, Dragon Age: Origins is sure to make the cut.

An interesting thing about going through the entire list is finding out that certain games are considered RPGs or is RPG in nature. The one I’m talking about are the two or three Mario games that made the list. I always assumed the Mario games have been strictly platformers. Imagine my surprise when I found out that Nintendo has a few RPG adventure games starring Mario. Makes me wonder what an RPG Mario game looks and feels like.

There are so many games on this list that sound amazing to play. Considering the list also features old, but classic games, you start seeing how much RPG games have evolved over time. But just because graphics and technology has seen huge improvements on today’s current games, doesn’t mean the older games are any less desirable to play. If anything, it brings back a case of nostalgia and an appreciation of what came before and how it has paved the way for the games we currently have. As a gamer, I would love to get my hands on the many games on this list. If only there was enough time in the day to play all of these.

What would you consider your top RPG games? Were there some titles that didn’t make IGN’s list, but you wish they did?