Styling Your Hair With A Headband

I remember the days of wearing headbands as a kid in the early 90’s. I used to love them. Any pretty color I saw, I begged my mom to get it for me. When headbands became the hair accessory trend for livening up your hair into the 2000’s…I was more reluctant to embrace this particular hair accessory trend again.

Headbands feel like an accessory you need the right type of hair or face shape to pull off. I came to the conclusion as I got much older that I had neither the hair or face shape to ever wear a headband again after sifting through old childhood photos. It became one of those moments of, “What was I thinking?” Then again, the early 90’s is rife with poor fashion choices and bad hair as we transitioned out of the 80’s.

Leighton Meester as Blair Waldorf from Gossip Girl

Depending on the headband, it can conjure the image of a Catholic or private school attending girl or it can be socialite chic. Earlier seasons of Gossip Girl embraced the explosion of headbands into the fashion accessories market quite often.

The headbands I grew up wearing as a kid weren’t as fun as the ones you see in stores now. The headband got a huge makeover where you have them embellished in feathers, big flowers, or jewels. Headbands in my day only had plain colors, patterns like plaid, and maybe a bow. I’ll admit, the headband look is cute to play with, but my hair and face shape doesn’t quite agree with it. Wearing a headband now only makes my face terribly bigger than it should be. My hair is also very thick and curly, and doesn’t really allow a headband to sit properly on my head.

I’m not entirely sure if headbands are still in style for hair, but whenever I walk into an accessories store, it’s all I ever see. I miss the days when I could walk into an accessories store and see more claw clips, jewel clips, or any other regular clip aside from headbands. It just makes shopping for hair accessories much trickier.

Headbands aren’t my cup of tea, but what do you think? Do you own a different headband for every occasion? Or are you like me and can’t wear one no matter how cute and tempting it looks on a store hook?

4 thoughts on “Styling Your Hair With A Headband

  1. I have ‘really short but not that short’ hair… so for me headband is a must!! nice to see you simpleek – it’s me paprika from paprika-no-yume(now closed) remember???? 😀 i’ve decided to start a blog on my own name =) so… new blog =)

    1. Hey! I’ve missed you. 🙂 I saw you deleted your blog on your old account, but it’s nice you are still blogging after all.

      I wish I could do headbands. A lot of them look really pretty, but not so pretty on me. 😦 I’m glad you can wear a headband well.

  2. I usually wear cute headbands, with flowers, ribbons, and all, when I was a kid. But now I don’t think that headbands will still look good on me, so I don’t wear any. I do have one plain black headband, though I don’t use it. (I actually envy girls my age who still look good on headbands! :3)

    1. Looking at old photos of myself as a kid, headbands really didn’t work well for me. I really like all the fun, cute things they have done to the accessory now, but I can’t wear one myself either. ^^;

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