You Aren’t a Gamer if You Haven’t Experienced Gamer Rage

I would consider myself an intermediate gamer after getting fully acquainted with games and the gaming world with a little help from my gamer friends. I can’t say I am a total newbie at gaming. I played with my friends’ and family’s consoles when I went over their houses as a kid. Even then, I never had the nagging desire to be a gamer until much later in life with the introduction of motion games and the increasingly well made RPGs you find out there these days.

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Channeling Your Inner Hawaiian Girl: Flower Accessories

I like to consider myself a lover of flowers and the natural beauties of the world. It’s quite fitting that I have such a great appreciation for flowers. Or maybe an obsession with them, as many of my friends will tell you. I’m the kind of girl who wants to adorn my hair in pretty hair ornaments. My favorite go-to fashion hair accessory is flower clips.

Why flower clips? They are beautiful and come in different colors, shapes, and sizes. As much as I would love to wear the real thing with my outfits (like a true Hawaiian girl), I’ll have to settle for the fabric and satin made imitations. Not that those are bad at all. You can find a lot of fantastic flower hair accessories in places like H&M, and at an affordable price too.

My own personal collection of flower accessories, and this barely covers what I have at home

I think these accessories are great for both casual and formal outfits. It can turn an otherwise plain bun into one of elegance. For example, adding a big rose to a bun can drastically transform your hairstyle in a huge way. Not only is it eye catching, but it can also spice up a very basic looking outfit.

The flower accessory is a fun and flirty piece to wear in the spring or summer. I always loved how Hawaiian girls get to wear flowers in their hair. It’s such a natural way of decorating your hair, and who doesn’t love a pretty flower accentuating a pretty face? I also enjoy matching the color of my flower with my outfit. Feel like matching your flower with your outfit is a bit tacky? You can mix the colors too. I would say get a bunch of these flower clips in any color you want, and play around with them. See what works for you. You can really get creative with them if you have a bunch on hand.

Any one ever tried the flower hair accessory look? If not, would you try it out yourself?

Reflecting on Mass Effect 3: Extended Cut

To say the original endings for Mass Effect 3 are highly controversial is putting it delicately. When plenty of fans protested for better endings, Bioware answered those calls by making what has been known as the Extended Cut. The people at Bioware didn’t “change” the endings, but gave people a clarification of what the endings mean by giving extra cinematic scenes and an epilogue.

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