Soak Up the Sun the Manga Way!

Summertime makes you think of beaches, sun, vacations, and spending more time with friends and family. When I read manga with images of beaches, sun kissed green grass, and summer dresses, I can’t help but let them get me in the summer mood. With that in mind, I’m going to give you some of my favorite manga summer moments.

Hunny-sempai urges Haruhi to join him at the pool

Ouran High School Host Club (Water Park Fun): Why am I choosing this particular moment from Ouran? I really enjoy how the Host Club just decides to take a break from their hosting duties, and have a day vacation at an artificially made tropical water park. When you read this particular part in the manga, you can’t help but do a double take. For a water park, it makes for a pretty convincing tropical island with real plants and animals housed in the luxury park. You also have to love the absurdity and decadence of these Host Club boys. While they think it’s normal to go to an artificially made tropical island, we the readers and Haruhi have to roll our eyes at these rich boys with too much time on their hands. Still, a day with the Host Club means fun and craziness all around. If anything, I find their carefree attitude to be contagious. They are the kind of friends you want to surround yourself with during the lazy days (or artificial days) of summer.

Imadoki! (Summer Nights): Tanpopo decides to visit her grandparents in Hokkaido during the summer break. It also happens to be the place where Koki needs to search for his older brother’s whereabouts. And of course, no visit is complete without having a bunch of other friends to invite themselves to come along too. The visit to Hokkaido shows a beautiful and lush countryside scene. Nothing says summer quite like grassy fields, blue skies, and a beautiful lake to sit nearby and gather your thoughts. Tanpopo wanders to the lake to have a quiet moment, only to be found by Koki much later. There’s also a scene where Tanpopo unknowingly meets Koki’s brother, but we won’t get into that. The moment that makes me get into the summer mood is the scene, where Tanpopo and Koki have a nice light dinner of corn and potatoes that Tanpopo’s grandmother packs and gives to Koki from earlier in the day. They eat quietly, and have a heart to heart. Koki learns more about Tanpopo’s past, and we have a lovely summer romance brewing in the air even if neither character realizes it just yet. Eating underneath the stars followed by having a moment with a cute guy is every girl’s summer romance dream.

Tanpopo & Koki share a meal and talk under a tree

Hana Yori Dango (Family Vacation in Atami): Tsukushi, her family, and her friend Kazuya take a beach vacation in Atami. Tsukushi has a lot going on in her mind, like how her first kiss ended up being with the man she despises most––Tsukasa! When Tsukushi thinks she will be able to put some distance between her and the F4 for a little while, her typical family vacation gets crashed in on when the F4 makes a very dramatic and opulent entrance on the beach of Atami. This is another moment I enjoy reading from this manga. Not only do you have a portrayal of a typical family vacation filled with embarrassing family moments, but you also get another dose of summer lovin’ going around. With Tsukushi still pining over Rui and Tsukasa wooing Tsukushi, summer just got a little hotter when you throw in a love triangle. I also enjoy summer family vacations when everyone gets together on their free time and reconnects with one another while relaxing…until your parents do something that makes you want to facepalm from embarrassment.

Tsukushi & the F4 are ready for some summer fun

These are my picks for summer moments in manga that get me in the mood for the season. What are your favorites?

7 thoughts on “Soak Up the Sun the Manga Way!

  1. A show that yells summer at me is Peach Girl, but that’s mostly because of the main character, Momo, and her love of swimming. I love that whole scene at the end with the ocean and Kairi.

    Another manga that I’m reading for the first time is Aqua and Aria. I’m not sure which one it’s in, maybe Aqua, but I love the part where Akari and Aria-shachou are wandering around in the summer heat and stumble across Cait Sith’s bar for a glass of milk. Also, all the wind chime scene where Akari says farewell to hers but is awarded with a crystal is pretty awesome.

    1. I might give Peach Girl a try. It seemed to have an interesting premise from what I’ve read. I definitely love how manga artists are able to effectively portray seasons really well. The images just take you there.

  2. I liked the Amiti arc of Boys Over Flowers too! It was pretty funny when Tsukushi is embarrassed by her family and the romantic hijinks really start to take off here. 🙂

    I can’t really think of any other serious with summer moments, but I do agree with Marina. Peach Girl definitely gives off a summer air and that’s probably because Momo likes to swim and tans easily. I’ve only read 1 volume of it though.

    1. I know! I loved how the Atami stuff from Boys Over Flowers had a lot going on. You have the comedy stuff with Tsukushi’s family, and then you have the love drama stuff with her, Tsukasa, and Rui. It’s hard not to get entertained by that.

  3. I think I actually like the *other* beach storyline in Ouran a bit better – the one where Haruhi stands up to a group of guys on the beach and she and Tamaki get into a fight. I loved that Tamaki tries to find out if anything scares Haruhi and after they make up he gets his answer when she runs into his arms after being frightened by thunder and lightning. I also like Full Metal Panic! Fumoffu‘s beach episode – because Sousuke gets to save Kaname. 😀 And of course I enjoyed Boys Over Flowers‘ beach episode – it’s the beginning of the romance between Tsukushi and Tsukasa!

    1. I did like the other beach storyline in Ouran too, but for some reason whenever I read the part where the whole gang goes to the water park, the artificial tropical island makes me think of wanting to escape to a real island myself. Got to be the palm trees and tropical plants you see in the water park scenes.

      I think I distinctly remember that scene from Full Metal Panic! Fumoffu. Another great series I really enjoy. 😉

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