Flats: The Versatile Shoe

Summer is around the corner and nearly everyone is putting their boots in storage. The warmer temperatures allow us to let our feet breathe and see the light of day. When the weather isn’t warm enough to show off your lovely toe-nail polished feet, flats are your go-to shoe.

I enjoy wearing flats. They are the best alternative to high heeled shoes if you want to dress your look up or down, and you want your feet to look stylish without killing them. These shoes are easy to slip on or off, and they look great with skinny jeans, shorts, or a skirt. It has a nice laid back feel to them.

I enjoy wearing high heels sometimes but considering I live in a city where everyone is constantly on the go, I need shoes that will allow me to move quickly and easily without worrying about walking slowly or tripping on my heels as I try to get to my destination quickly.

The flats are one of my favorite simple style shoes to wear. They come in different colors, shapes, and sizes. Depending on what you are wearing, flats are the best kind of shoes for looking and feeling pretty while also stating that you are the type of girl who likes to kick back and relax. I also think flats flatter all feet too. There will be something for everyone whether you want to look fierce in a leopard print flat or go dainty and delicate with a satin pink flat. I hardly think flats will go out of style. It’s the one shoe that will never grow old just like stiletto shoes will never become a fad.

Are you a lover of flats or do you prefer heels that give you lots of height?