Break Into Comedy: Ceres, Volume 12

I’m playing around with a column idea I thought about while reading manga the other day. I noticed how a lot of stuff I read tend to have some comedy blended seamlessly within the serious stuff going on in a volume or series. I always liked how most mangakas manage to give readers a break from all the heaviness going on in a series or scene by throwing in some unexpected but fitting comedic moments. What better way to kick start this column off by picking a scene from Ceres: Celestial Legend, Volume 12 by Yuu Watase. Watase is the queen of tension breakers with comedy in all of her series.

In this scene I snapped, Toya and Yuhi are breaking into the Mikage Corporation building to save Chidori and her brother Shota who have been captured by the Mikages. Toya finds a ladder leading up into the building. If you have ever read this series, Toya is very much the serious, brooding type of guy while Yuhi is more light hearted and carefree. In typical fashion, Toya is very focused and is trying to take on the task at hand on his own. While Toya is ready to hoist himself up the ladder as he tells Yuhi to wait for him here, Yuhi swoops in and covers Toya’s head with his shirt before Toya can even grab the ladder. The rest of the scene shows Yuhi chastising Toya about his habit for wanting to do things on his own without relying on some help.

Yuhi chastises Toya for not properly thinking things through

I really enjoyed this scene. Volume 12 gets too serious and tragic fast, and it was nice to see moments like this one. It gives the reader a chance to laugh a bit before everything else in the volume becomes no laughing matter. It’s also amusing to watch Toya’s cool, mysterious air get broken in this scene when Yuhi attacks him with his shirt. Yuhi rages on, and on the shirt itself you see Toya sweatdropping as he listens to him. Watase really could have drawn the scene where Yuhi reprimands Toya in a much more serious way, but opts for this funny moment instead. The scene kind of reminds me of a comedy duo doing their sketch on stage. It certainly has that feel to it.

I hope you enjoyed my scene selection. If you like this idea for a frequent column on my blog, then I’ll be sure to continue it in the future. I can think of many more scenes to highlight in later posts.

2 thoughts on “Break Into Comedy: Ceres, Volume 12

  1. Great post, I think the funniest moments can often be the most unexpected. It’s definitely nice to have a break from tension sometimes! I like your scene choice and I hope you continue this column ^_^

    1. Thank you! I’ll definitely try to make this a usual column for my blog. 😉

      I agree. It’s good to get a breather from the heavy stuff now and then. That’s why I love Watase’s sense of humor. She works it into her stories so well.

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