Splashes of Neon: The Current Color Trend

Spring is in the air and just around the corner is summer. The temperatures are getting warmer and with that we can air out the skirts, summer dresses, and shorts that have been in storage and tuck away the winter layers and sweaters. Going to department stores or flipping through magazines, I have noticed the color trend for this season is going bright and neon. Lemon yellow, tangerine orange, lime green––these colors are eye popping. Wearing colors like these will certainly draw people’s attention. It’s hard to ignore someone wearing super bright colors. I can see how neon colors would be the current fun and flirty colors of the season to wear and to add to your current wardrobe, but I’m not a huge fan of bright colors.

Stop traffic with this bright summer dress

The neon color trend is too bright and loud for my taste. These colors are an attention grabber when you walk down the street, but I prefer not to draw attention to myself. These colors are for women who are bold, confident and don’t shy away from attention. They embrace it, live it, and work it. I am confident, but I prefer to not stop traffic when I think I’m wearing the equivalent of an orange street cone.

I’m much more the neutral, soft pastel colors kind of girl. The neon colors is too hardcore for my reserved nature. I also wonder if my reluctance to embrace this new color trend has something to do with the New Yorker in me?

I have observed on the train how so few New Yorkers really wear bright colors. Usually I would be riding the train with other commuters amidst a sea of black and white. I suppose a lot of us prefer to blend with the crowd and not stand out. I’m usually amazed when there is a splash of color lurking in all the neutrals I see in my morning commute to work. I’m pretty sure there are fashionistas out there rocking the bright colors somewhere within the city, but I just haven’t encountered them yet.

I think the neon colors suit summer more than spring. In my opinion, spring colors should be softer like rose pink or lavender purple. These make me think more of the tulips, daffodils, and hyacinths in bloom during the spring season. Neon is more like how I see the summer season––bright and hotter.

I may not enjoy this season’s colors or even be likely to wear them, but I guess this season is about stepping out and shining in the spotlight. If you want to feel bold and daring then going neon with your wardrobe colors may be just want you want to do. I, on the other hand, will enjoy blending in with the masses with my softer color tones.

What do you think of the neon trend? Are you tired of the same dull neutrals and pastels and think going bold and bright is what fashion needs? Or is bright just too bright for your tastes?

12 thoughts on “Splashes of Neon: The Current Color Trend

  1. I don’t like bright colours in my clothes either. I never liked bright colours, in general too. I’m fine with most colours, but the neon ones…never liked them and probably never will. Hm, I like neutral colours the most as well, or cold colours. I also like warm paste colours too, or earthier shades of warm colours. :3

  2. I don’t personally like neon colors either, so it’s especially bothersome that lately when I go to clothes stores half of their selection is bright and I’d never wear it. I think it’s interesting you said you haven’t noticed too many people wearing bright clothes in New York City, because I feel like everytime I’ve seen someone wearing something neon in the city, it’s been a guy!

    1. I guess I must just miss them or something. I’ve seen people wear colored pants like red or green, but it’s hardly neon.

      I find it really annoying that most of the colors they have in stock in stores these days are the neon ones too. I find myself not shopping all that much because of the super bright color trend.

  3. I can wear bright colors, but not neon ones ! ! No way ! Anyways, I’m from California where the sun always shines. ( that’s not true ) . I haven’t seen anyone wearing neon, though, but , uhm, * whisper*, I’m now using my neon – colored purse.

    Cheers , simpleek ! What manga are you reading now ?

    1. I love color, but neon is much harder to pull off I think. At least you’ll be seen at night, right?

      I’m still reading Ayashi no Ceres. I’m nearly done collecting the series now so it will be good to read something else for a change. What about you? 🙂

  4. Oh god, I am completely dying from laughter over the whole ‘street cone’ part! Haha, it is definitely very true though!
    I’m not too fond of neon colors either. I generally tend to wear darker clothing, particularly black, because usually that is the only color I can find decent looking pieces of clothing in. I am not a fashionista by any stretch of the mark, but I am exceedingly picky when it comes to my clothes. All it takes is one odd ruffle or button placement and I am gone!
    This is probably just stereotypical thinking, but I don’t know, I always assumed that New York would be filled with eccentricities in fashion wherever you go! It’s kind of hard to imagine that New York can really be just like anywhere else!

    1. That’s what I think of when I see the super bright orange hues in stores. Street cone color is a definite no for me. 😛

      Well, New York has eccentric people for sure. That much is true with maybe an occasional weird fashion choice here and there. Other than that, no we aren’t all that interesting. Us New Yorkers are always in a rush, vocal, and we tend to like to blend in with the crowds. 😀 I also find New York fashion to be more chic and sophisticated––at least if you are walking around Manhattan.

    1. Thanks for the comment, and I’m glad you enjoy finding something you want to read on my blog! That’s interesting that neon seems to be a popular color for your winter season in Australia. That’s pretty unique. I see neon more as a color for summer because colors tend to pop more in spring and summer and less during the fall and winter months.

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