Liebster Blog Award Revisited

Last December I was nominated by the awesome Paprika-no-Yume for the Liebster Blog Award. When you accept the award, one of the rules the blogger had to do was name at least 5 bloggers with less than 200 followers for their blog to nominate. A pay-it-forward type of award which is a lovely idea. At the time I could only name one blogger which was the Shojo Corner. Today I would like to round up the additional four bloggers who I think are up and coming. This is my continuation of my December post concerning the award. Without further ado and in no particular order I’m going to start with number 2:

2. soaringwingsblog – This blog has a little of everything: anime, manga, and video games. I especially enjoy her analysis about common game elements when she writes them. She poses good discussions and brings up ideas you may or may not have had yourself. Her game reviews are excellent to read as well.

3. Lazy Cat Cafe – This blog started just this year and I’m already loving the posts I’m reading. Like the blog in number 2, it also contains discussions about anime, manga, and video games. I’m so excited to find more bloggers like me who enjoy these three things. This blogger’s thoughts on games I have played or would like to play in the future are entertaining to read and we have similar tastes in games too.

4. Black Strawberry – This anime blog is both insightful and fun to read. Some of her posts are very creative and it makes you think. I’m drawn to blogs that spark a discussion and offers other view points. If you are looking for blogs that go beyond just the anime then this is worth a read.

5. The Glory Whole – Another anime blog with plenty of anime reviews and some fun videos he finds interesting and shares with everyone who reads his blog. A lot of the anime he reviews are for series that are popular and not so popular in anime. A lot of the anime he reviews I’m not familiar with, but when I get around to expanding my anime viewing to beyond the shojo this blog will be my go-to place.

There you have it. I fully completed my acceptance of the Liebster Blog Award and I hope you fellow readers will find these blogs a delight to read like I have.

10 thoughts on “Liebster Blog Award Revisited

  1. Congratulations for your nomination, and thanks for sharing these other bloggers! I look forward to perusing their sites and hopefully finding more blogs to follow 🙂

  2. Love this post – you introduced me to some blogs I wouldn’t have otherwise known about. I’d never visited any of the four you listed besides Black Strawberry, which I follow closely. Thanks!

  3. That’s awesome! Thank you so much! It made me so happy when I saw this! Also, I am definitely looking forward to looking at those blogs since I haven’t really found very many on my own that I liked in terms of anime and manga!

    1. It’s my pleasure! You’ve got a good blog going in general. You should definitely keep writing it. Every time I read your posts I’m thoroughly informed and entertained at the same time!

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