When there’s a good deal people will flock

When sites like Groupon, LivingSocial, and Google Offers came out, it was a godsend for those looking to do an activity or shop for something on the cheap side. I have used these services so far for restaurants, recreation, and shopping. The economic downturn has caused more people to be frugal with their money and no one is willing to let go more than what they are willing to pay if it isn’t a good deal.

I have written many times how being a collector of anything can be overwhelming and expensive. Imagine my surprise when my older sister brought to my attention a deal in shopping for comics on Google Offers. Did I hear right? Am I dreaming? Nope, it’s all true. Google Offers had a deal a few weeks ago to purchase a “$10 for $20 of comics, graphic novels, collectables & more” at my local comic book store Forbidden Planet. As soon as I saw the offer I purchased it straightaway. No one had to tell me twice to do it.

It’s so rare for me to shop for manga these days and this deal is the one I’ve been looking for. At least if I go over by a little using this deal then the difference I pay won’t be too much. You have to find the best ways to be cheap and to save money.

The deal that will get me to shop for more manga

I haven’t used my deal yet, but I have until August to make my purchases with it. I love an excuse to shop on the cheap side. Has anyone experienced a good deal they couldn’t refuse?

13 thoughts on “When there’s a good deal people will flock

  1. wowwwwwwwwwwwwww!!! that a really good deal. well, we don’t get any good deals here x( everything is so damn expensive – esp. anything manga/anime =(

    1. I’m guessing your manga/anime spending habits are very limited, huh? Good thing there are people who do scanlations on the web, but even then I prefer to have the real book in my hands. Same goes for anime being on DVD rather than on the computer for me.

      1. You won’t believe it but we don’t get anything here… seriously… i’m not joking… even DC or Marvel are rare… RARE!!! the only way is to import dvd’s or volumes which is very very expensive to do… people don’t even get that much salary over here =(

        Let’s say you get a manga volume for $10 = 500rupees(which is a lot) but still it’s affordable. Now if it costs $10, all the shipping cost, import blah etc etc + customs charge together will get around $100 = 5000rupees(which is the basic pay for people over here :o) so to get a manga volume or an anime dvd which probably won’t cost you that much I would have to spend a little more than half of my salary 😛 so is it worth it??? And there is only one website which does all that and nobody buys them ’cause it’s expensive =(

        I’ll definitely get them when they are available for the price everybody else in the world buys them for. Till then I’ll depend on scanlations =)

      2. hey i checked around after reading your post and wondered why these big companies don’t see India as a potential customer… and I found that amazon is in beta in India(became beta yesterday) 😀 😀 it’s super coool 😀 😀 a volume sells for 140 bucks that is sooooo sooooooooooo cheap 😀 yay!!!!!!!!! 😛 even better than the local online store =D this is the best news ever… 😛

  2. Ooooh! That is a good offer! I am jealous! I have been dying to actually BUY a manga rather than just holding it in my hands longingly while cringing at the astronomical price!

    1. I know the feeling. Every time I’m in a bookstore or comic book store I avoid the manga section like the plague. I do not want to be tempted when I don’t have the money to spare.

  3. Because there usually aren’t good discounts on manga in stores and shipping costs can add up when you buy online, I love everytime there’s a sale so I can get manga. This is why I miss Borders’ 40% (and occasionally 50%) off coupons, because I wouldn’t have to wait for a sale to get the latest volume of a series.

    1. The closing of Borders is painful. I did manage to snag some manga on the cheap when they were having their going out of business sale. It was probably the only time I bought so much manga in one day.

  4. We had a deal like that here a while back but it was for some out of the way middle of BFE store that I would spend more money on gas getting there then the savings was worth lol. Thats generly why I stick with the library. I can read all the manga and comics/watch all the anime I want and not have to worry about space. Only downside is if you want ti you cant keep it but, if its something I really want then I can find it online and buy it. :c)

    1. I’ve always had a problem finding a good manga selection at my local library. Maybe that has since changed? I should probably look into it. It’d be easier to borrow manga before buying it, just to see if it is a series you will get into.

      1. I learned the trick is to go online and see what they have. I would fill up my queue with as many as I could find and just have them shipped to the library down the street. If you just went in they wouldn’t have a much of anything or they would have like chapters 3, 7, 8, 12 lol. One of the librarians clued me in thankfully!

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