Manga collectors need more shelf space

I recently finished reading Volume 11 of Ayashi no Ceres. After I finish a volume, I always put it together with the other volumes of a series I have collected so far. Over the years, placing a volume in its rightful place with all the others is easier said than done. It’s becoming more of a challenge to not have my stack of books teetering dangerously over the edge.

When you live in an apartment with limited space arrangements it does become quite tricky to find every available spot possible to store your books in. I have to make do with what I’ve got and then worry about space issues at a later time as they arise.

The current tower of manga volumes I have arranged

This is just the front section of manga books I currently have. I also have books behind these batch as well.

My collection stacked to the side

This hardly reflects all of my manga collection. I have others stored in a wide, clear plastic bin below this stack. Not surprisingly, that bin is currently full.

I think when you start out becoming a fan/collector in anything, whether it’s manga or comics in general, I don’t think we end up foreseeing the issues being a collector will entail. That issue is having a place to put all your stuff. As a collector, you just watch the space you used to have continue to get smaller and smaller until there is no space left. It has become very difficult to want to rearrange things to accommodate the new volumes of manga I get over time. A manga collector’s best friend is shelf space. If any of us is lucky, we would have a place of our own with one room to turn into an at home library or study to put our manga collection in. It is definitely a big dream of mine. For now, I’ll have to be creative with my limited space when I keep acquiring more manga.

How about you? Does anyone have the limited space issue when it comes to storing your treasured collections? How have you managed?