Kawaii! My top 5 cute characters in anime/manga

When it comes to cute things I nearly melt into a puddle of goo. My heart gets a warm and fuzzy feeling when I see a character in an episode or panel say or do something that makes you want to squee really loudly. Thinking about it now, there are at least 5 characters in anime/manga that are irresistibly adorable to me.

1. Pikachu of Pokemon. This was a tough one because there are so many cute pokemon to choose from. Out of all them I think Pikachu will always have my heart. The first time he meets his master Ash to the moment he utters a “Pika Pika” is enough to make your heart burst from all the sweetness. Pikachu is so small and huggable…when he isn’t out to electrocute you of course. I love this small, yellow pokemon so much that I got a plushie of Pikachu so many years ago. I can hug him to my heart’s content.

2. Kero-chan of Cardcaptor Sakura. The guardian of the Clow Cards Cerberus, nicknamed Kero-chan, is a small little animal with wings who helps Sakura in her quest to collect all the cards that have escaped from the Clow Book. He hates being called a stuffed animal by Syaoran, but it is a workable disguise when he has to hide the fact that he can talk from others who don’t know about him or the Clow Cards. Kero-chan is a lover of sweets and video games. The way this character gets excited over life’s simplest pleasures is endearing. It goes to show that Kero-chan has a sense of humor and can be fun outside of the usual Cardcaptor business, and he is a loyal and caring friend to Sakura. What’s not to love about him?

3. Mokona of Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle. Mokona acts as guide for Syaoran and the gang in Syaoran’s quest to look for Sakura’s missing feathers. Mokona is a cheerful and playful white “pork bun” as Kurogane likes to call Mokona. Mokona likes to mention itself in the third person and loves to tease Kurogane when there is an opportunity to get the tough and intense swordsman to lose his cool. Nothing seems to bring this little white poof down, and Mokona serves as comic relief amidst the direness of the quest Syaoran is on to save Sakura’s life.

4. Nyozeka of Alice 19th. Nyozeka is a cute bunny who transforms into a seemingly cosplaying little girl. She finds the main character Alice who ends up being one of the chosen ones to become a Lotis Master. Nyozeka uses her bunny form to remain with Alice as her house pet. She is the epitome of kawaii when she goes from being serious about the situation at hand to completely distracted and blissfully happy when Alice sets food in front of Nyozeka. What makes her even cuter is a scene where Nyozeka tells Alice to contact one of the characters in the manga using her “cell foam.” She says it so confidently and without batting an eye that it becomes insanely hysterical when Alice corrects her and tells her it’s “cell phone” and not “cell foam.” Gotta love Watase’s knack for humor.

5. Tama the cat of Fushigi Yugi. This little cutie belongs to Mitsukake, one of the Suzaku Warriors in the anime/manga. Tama not only knows how to be cute by just being Tama, but he tries to be helpful in comical ways. I know there is a scene where Tama is play acting how a certain situation went down to Tamahome I think (don’t quote me on that) for him to realize the truth. Unfortunately, Tamahome doesn’t understand Tama’s kitty charade and the effort is completely wasted. Poor Tama.

These are my picks for lovable characters that make you go, “Aww!” Aside from wanting to give them a huge hug these characters are entertaining and makes watching the anime or reading the manga just more enjoyable. Who are your favorites?

10 thoughts on “Kawaii! My top 5 cute characters in anime/manga

  1. Finally =P my favorite post!!! I love KERO!! He’s toooooo cute!! But I like giggly puff more than pikachu(in terms of cuteness) 😉 and I thought Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicles was dumb o.O so didn’t watch it =(

    1. I was thinking Jiggily Puff, but I ended up liking Pikachu way more. I haven’t finished watching Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle yet, but I hear the manga is way better than the anime. The anime didn’t do the series justice or so I’ve heard.

  2. Kero is definitely one of my favourites as well~ For pokemon, newcomer Oshawott has taken my heart. At first I found his design sort of ugly and then it really grew on me to the point where I found it irresistible. I even picked Oshawott in Pokemon Black. :3 Mokona is pretty cute too (although I prefer Kero). I also really like Kirara and Shippo from Inu Yasha. Both are just adorable~ >w< Oh and if I could add in games, well the Moogles from Final Fantasy are pretty adorable too~ I especially liked Mog from FFVI. (Kirby is definitely super adorable too…but I think I'll leave it at that or else I'll end up listing a whole bunch of characters. xD )

    1. You know I was thinking about adding cute video game characters with this post, but I thought maybe I’ll make a separate one on another day. Kirby would definitely make my list though. 🙂

  3. The two cutest mascots have got to be Mokona from Rayearth/Tsubasa and With from D.N.Angel. I seem to like tiny white blob creatures that don’t exist in real life. And I love when Mokona says ‘Puu!’

    1. I forgot about With from D.N. Angel! So cute too! There are surprisingly a lot of cute characters in anime and manga. It’s just a matter of remembering them all. 😉

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