Confusing fashion looks: Shorts with tights

Fashion perplexes me sometimes. You get the trends that are fun and maybe refreshing for the season and then you get those that are complete head scratchers. I haven’t seen this trend being too popular from what I can see when I’m out and about, but there are some that try to make it work. What am I talking about? I’m talking about wearing tights with summer shorts in the winter months.

I’ve actually seen the shorts and tights combo being very popular with Japanese girls when I visited Tokyo a few years ago. It was the first time I’ve seen such a thing. Then I later see it on the streets of New York. I couldn’t help but wonder when this became a good idea on the fashion scene. It looks plain silly. Shorts are meant to be worn in the summer and not in the winter. I guess the idea is to extend your ability to wear summer clothes into the winter months, but no girl can really have bare legs when it’s near 20 degrees or below so the solution is to slap on thick tights before pulling on your favorite summer shorts.

A model sporting the shorts and tights look

I guess it depends on how you wear this particular look. A lightweight fabric type of shorts with tights isn’t too bad, but I’ve seen the denim shorts with tights being a popular look to sport on every day women when I happen to see a girl on the street wear it.

I think tights should be worn with a dress or skirt by default. Dresses and skirts are versatile for any season. When the temperature drops and you want to be able to feel pretty and girly, you can still wear your favorite dress or skirt but keep the legs warm with tights or leggings. Shorts, on the other hand, doesn’t have the same versatility in my opinion. It’s only meant to be worn in warmer months. Has the skirt/dress with tights combo really become bland and boring? Maybe to do something different they slap on tights to revamp the summer shorts look, but insisting this look can work for girls in the winter too.

The ugliest version of the shorts and tights combination is the denim shorts with tights. It’s the same way I view women wearing leggings as pants––just no. When I think of denim shorts I envision wearing them on a day at the beach as you dip your feet in the water or brushing the sand off them after sitting on the shore under the warm sun. Wearing denim shorts with tights in the winter––something doesn’t look right. Whoever thought this was a good idea should really go back and rethink this one.

Are you a lover of this fashion look or do you hate it and wish it never existed?