These heels were made for walking…in the snow?

Over the weekend NYC got its first snowfall of the year. The area I live in got about maybe two inches of snow. Nothing major. We have yet to see if we will get another blizzard this year. I’m hoping we don’t. Whenever it snows or after it snows, there is something that bugs me that I don’t understand during the snow months…how are women able to wear high heeled shoes/boots in the snow?

Someone has to enlighten me on this one because I don’t get it. When the snow falls on the first day, it is understandably soft and powdery under the feet. The chances of slipping in it may be very slim. Once the snow stops and the temperature starts to drop, then the snow becomes ice. Heck, ice may be lurking underneath the powdery white snow. The point is, how can women not be scared to walk the streets with their high heels on and with snow underneath said heels?

I'll take wearing these rubber boots over high heeled shoes in the snow any day!

I am not one of those women who will chance wearing my lovely high heeled boots when there is snow on the ground. I immediately switch over to warm snow boots with a grip or heavy duty rubber boots to get me through trudging in the slush and ice. If the sidewalks are not clear of the white stuff and black ice, wearing any high heeled boots or shoes is not happening for me.

I see a good number of women wearing stiletto heeled boots or shoes in the snow, and this is the day after a snowfall when it typically would be hazardous to walk the sidewalks in them. It’s patches of ice galore! The city of course is always ready to salt the streets and sidewalks during and after a snowfall, but the snow can’t all melt that quickly. Nope. What you are left with is hardened snow and patches of ice spotting the sidewalks in some shape or form. Streets become narrow to walk in when only a small path is carved for people to walk in and on either side of you is the hardened snow. At some point, someone will have to actually walk on the snow and ice itself.

I’ve observed women who miraculously are able to walk on the ice with stiletto heels without slipping and I’ve seen women either slip or try to balance precariously over the ice as they make their way down the street. I always roll my eyes at the women who have to walk super slow on the sidewalks because they decided they want to look good in the snow by wearing shoes with no grip! If you are so worried about falling on your butt, then why aren’t you wearing shoes with better traction? Common sense people. I’d like to meet someone who has managed to walk in high heeled shoes for all NYC snow winters and not once slipped and fell on their butts. If I made an attempt to wear high heeled shoes or shoes in general with no grip at the bottom, I wouldn’t make it down the block. I doubt I would be able to avoid ending up at the hospital to treat a sprain or broken arm.

I always want to look good when I go outside, but if the elements such as snow makes it impossible for me to wear cute shoes then I will dress according to the weather. Snow and ice on the ground? Bring on the snow boots! High heeled boots that look good with skinny jeans? They shall stay home until the sidewalks are clear and safe to walk in them again.

Can you tell this is a pet peeve of mine? Why must women suffer for fashion? Why? It’s not like we are walking down a runway every time we go to school or work. We need to be practical I think.

6 thoughts on “These heels were made for walking…in the snow?

  1. There are people who will wear high heeled boots in Vancouver when there’s half a foot of snow. I kid you not. Anyway, I think that people in NYC are more willing to sacrifice utility for fashion…at least the hardcore ones are. -_-

    1. Yup, it is true. It still doesn’t stop me from shaking my head at those women and then wanting to laugh at them when they slip or walk super slow on the snow/ice. At least I can walk at a normal pace when I wear the appropriate foot wear for the weather.

  2. Totally agree with you. I don’t know if there’s some secret fashion competition that I wasn’t informed of or something, because I cannot for the life of me fathom why women will go so far (being uncomfortable, cold, tripping, etc.) all for the sake of looking attractive. I think women would much better standing up in snow boots than flat on the ground in their heels. And ice is scary.

    1. This is why I want to know how these hardcore fashionistas are not injured after walking in those type of shoes with snow on the ground. -_-; Ice is definitely scary business.

  3. It is not really hard if the heel is less than 4 inches. One can also add a thin layer of rubber (vibrim) to the sole and heel tip. It will help with the traction. For me, I think flat shoes without a rubber sole are equally bad. Some sneakers are not that much better than heels. Also, it has a lot to do with how one walks, when it comes down to snow and ice being “sure-footed” is absolutely necessary, one has to walk with the heels down first, never allow any sliding. It is more like a march, but could be done in an elegant manner. In short, it takes practice.

    1. You’re right about flat heeled shoes being just as bad as high heeled ones if there’s no grip or rubber sole for traction against snow and ice. However, I really can’t wear shoes where I know I’ll be slipping and falling on snow and ice, especially since I’m admittedly a bit clumsy and will be the one to trip on an unseen crack on the sidewalk. If I feel like wearing high heeled shoes, I’ll wait until there’s no snow or ice on the ground. It’s rubber boots all the way for me.

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