Finding the balance between being an anime/manga fan and a gamer

These days I find myself having a hard time putting an equal amount of time on the things I love: watching anime, reading manga, and playing games. When I’m not too busy trying to be the serious adult, I have a dilemma in wanting to tackle all the DVDs I have waiting for me to watch. Some will actually be good material for this blog if I actually get around to watching it. There are mangas I want to reread or start reading for the purpose of sharing my thoughts on them.

I think I spend too much time gaming on Dragon Age: Origins. The obsession I have with this RPG is not healthy at all. I only wonder how long it will take before I finally calm down from my gaming addiction on this well-done RPG. I actually finished playing the expansion for Origins known as Dragon Age: Origins: Awakening. Maybe Friday’s post I’ll write about it, but I can say I enjoyed the game expansion if it wasn’t for all the bad game bugs scattered throughout the playthrough experience.

I know I get absorbed in one leisure activity over the other if I get my hands on something with a really great story. I devoured the entire anime series of Fushigi Yugi in the span of a week. Same for Clannad. Once I’m hooked, I can’t stop watching, reading, or playing something until I see it all the way through. Dragon Age: Origins will take me a while to fully put down since there are other origin stories to playthrough to get a different gaming experience every single time. With Awakening done, I need to finish up the other downloadable content that came with the Ultimate Edition of the game I bought. I own Dragon Age 2, and I will play that next, but I feel I may not get into it as much as DA:O. I already heard some not too good things about the story in DA2.

I really need to find a balance between the two though. It’s difficult to give an equal amount of time to two different things you are into. I almost wish I didn’t get into gaming. I would have had my DVDs and mangas read by now. I’m griping now and I couldn’t help but write this random post either. If only real life decisions were as simple as these. I wonder if anyone else has a problem with figuring out which leisure activity they should do first or spend more time on? This obviously applies to someone who has multiple interests instead of just one. Having one would be a blessing I think.